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If you are an owner of Great Pyrenees then this article is definitely for you as it contains all the information regarding Great Pyrenees grooming, stay with us till the end to know all!

When it comes to protection or guarding, great pyrenees are the first choice as they are quite intelligent and can make quick decisions. However, it is your duty to keep them clean and groomed so in order to do that, we are here to help. Keep reading to know how to groom great pyrenees and some best great pyrenees grooming styles!

The great Pyrenees grooming is necessary for a variety of reasons among which the most important one is their health. Their coat requires special care because it damages if not groomed properly. In order to avoid tangling and fleas, you are required to give him a proper bath monthly and brush the coat on a regular basis. 

How to Groom a Great Pyrenees?

great pyrenees grooming styles


The first thing to do in great pyrenees grooming is to know how often should you give them a bath and which tools you should use. If your dog stays out most of the time which is quite obvious then you should bathe him once every two months, it’d be enough.

It is important to take care of his bathing routine otherwise, your Pyrenees will develop fleas. Read below some helpful tips on great pyrenees grooming:

  • Try to take out some time from your busy routine to keep a check on Great Pyrenees and to work on its grooming. You need to brush your dog frequently to prevent tangling.
  • Another important thing to consider is to select the right kind of brush, it should be a curved-bristle metal brush.
  • Keep an eye on your dog’s ears, eyes, and mouth to know about its health conditions
  • In great pyrenees grooming, trimming the dewclaw is important otherwise, it will irritate him and in severe cases, your dog will get hurt and you will have to visit the vet.
  • If you are thinking to shave the double coat of your great Pyrenees then stop right there! It helps them stay warm in winter, you can do a little trimming if you want but do not shave them.
  • It is important in great pyrenees grooming that you take special care when it’s time for shedding, it mostly happens in the spring and falls so brush him daily and if you notice excessive shedding then see your vet immediately.

Which type of soap should you use for great pyrenees?

We cannot use regular soaps, shampoos, and conditioners for our dogs because the harsh chemicals might irritate their skin. You should buy suitable shampoo and conditioner for your dog if you are thinking to do great pyrenees grooming all by yourself. The shampoos made especially for dogs will keep their skin healthy.

For great pyrenees, you can use a  whitening dog shampoo as it will enhance the beauty of their coat by brightening it. You can buy the following given products for  your great Pyrenees from Amazon easily:

  • Whitening Shampoo.
  • Dog Conditioner.
  • Dawn for flea treatment.

Should you blow-dry your Great Pyrenees after bathing?

There is no harm in drying the coat of Great Pyrenees after giving him a bath, it is a good option though as the thick coat takes longer to dry on its own. The top coat gets dry quickly but the underneath stays wet for a long period of time which can cause irritation for your dog so you can try air drying for sure but make sure not to burn your pup’s skin.

For great pyrenees grooming and care, you can buy the coat dryer from Amazon and make sure to use it at a medium speed. This will help you save hours of drying and you can move to your next step without wasting time. Drying out the Great Pyrenees coat will also remove any loose hair and it’d be quite helpful if your dog sheds a lot. 

What are the best great pyrenees grooming styles?

great pyrenees grooming styles


When it comes to the great Pyrenees grooming styles, it is hard to give them a stylish look as we can’t cut a lot from their double coat. Most owners like them the way they are, but if you are desperate to change your pup’s look, you can give him a Thin and Trim haircut, which will change his look and clean him up.

Great Pyrenees owners also trim their whiskers, ears, eyebrows, and feet, leaving other parts fluffy to give them a unique look. It looks lovely, you can style your dog this way if you want but do not forget to keep an eye on him after trimming. If you notice any changes, this might be stressing him out, so stop doing it again and find another suitable style.

Useful Tools you must have for Great Pyrenees Grooming:

There are some useful tools that a Great Pyrenees owner should have, you can easily buy them from Amazon.

  • Super White Shampoo.
  • Coat Blower.
  • Dematting Comb.
  • Detangling Comb.
  • Undercoat Rake.
  • Waterpik Pet Wand Pro.
  • Trimmers for nails.

Wrapping Up:

We hope now you can do Great Pyrenees Grooming easily by following our instructions shared above. If you take care of your dog on a regular basis then you won’t have to put a lot of effort into its grooming. Make sure to use the right kind of tools and products for your Great Pyrenees!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are Great Pyrenees easy to groom?

If you know the right tips on how to groom the Great Pyrenees then definitely, it is not a big deal. 

How much grooming is normal for a dog?

It depends on the breed of the dog and as Great Pyrenees have thicker coats, they should be groomed twice a month for good health.


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