How to Brush Your Dog's Hair

Are you a dog parent? If yes, you must know the importance of regular grooming for your dog. Brushing a dog’s coat removes knots, tangles, and excess fur. This is why following some essential tips and advice for brushing your dog’s hair is crucial.

Hence, choosing the right grooming tools for your dog, you must brush it several times per week. In a rush? Here are the top 7 tips and advice we have highlighted for you to brush your dog’s hair.

Seven tips and advice for brushing your dog’s hair

Regular grooming is a peaceful experience that your dog looks forward to and becomes essential for their happiness, cleanliness, and overall well-being when you’re a puppy parent. Hence following are the vital tips and tricks for brushing your dog’s hair:

  • Use Best Slicker Brush for Dogs

The next question that would come to your mind would be, what is a slicker brush? And what does it do? Well, the answer is simple. Using the best slicker brush for brushing your dog’s hair is perfect. It is a tremendous self-cleaning brush that removes loose hair, tangles, and mats and gently massages your dog’s fur while grooming. The fine bristles can penetrate deep into the coat and furs without scratching the dog’s skin.

Slicker brushes come in all different sizes. Each slicker brush comprises two parts:

  • The handle
  • The bristles

This makes holding the meeting and grooming much more comfortable and safer, especially since you will be using it often. You can use these brushes alone and together with other grooming essentials. 

Additionally, you should use them carefully with short, gentle strokes to prevent hurting or scratching your dog’s skin. 

  • Brush in the right direction

Brush your dog’s hair and fur in the right direction. That is, brush them in the hair growth direction without applying excessive pressure to prevent your dog’s skin from hurting. Instead, making firm strokes will help remove dead hairs from its skin.

Do you know shedding blades are an excellent way to reduce shedding? Hence, use a shedding blade to grab dead hairs all over the coat to reduce shedding and prevent mats.

  • Groom regularly 

Regular grooming is essential because it is straightforward for dog hair to get matted or their skin to develop medical problems. Some long-haired breeds need their hair brushed more often than pups with short fur, but other grooming needs to be done frequently. This includes trimming their nails, checking their skin, brushing their teeth, bathing them regularly, and washing them with shampoo.

  • Don’t use human products

Using your shampoo to wash your dog might seem more accessible and cheaper, but it can harm him. If you use human shampoo, the chemicals can harm a dog’s coat and cause painful skin irritations, which could result in an emergency visit to the vet. 

The human shampoo has a normal pH of slightly acidic 5.5-5.6, and dogs’ skin, on the other hand has a neutral pH of 6.2-7.4. Hence, using a human shampoo or product can leave your dog vulnerable to microbes. Dog shampoo has the correct pH balance, which helps keep their skin clean and healthy, with a warm and shiny coat.

  • Take care of their skin

The condition of your puppy’s skin is usually a good indication of his overall health. That’s why you need to monitor their skin and regularly check for any possible symptoms they might be experiencing. It turns out that skin diseases and other problems are the most common reasons dogs end up at the vet. Dogs usually respond to most skin problems by excessively chewing, licking, or scratching around the affected area.

  • Don’t brush damp fur

You should brush dogs before bathing them and let them dry naturally afterward. The worst time to brush your dog’s coat is after a bath while their hair is wet. Because brushing your dog when his hair is wet can be pretty painful, creating more tangles and knots.

So, brush your dog’s fur while you shampoo them or after their furs have been dried. If there’s any knotted or matted hair after it’s all dry, you can use a brush to eliminate it all. Just remember that you need to be gentle with him.

  • Massage your dog’s fur

Another tip is to massage your dog’s fur by brushing gently. If done correctly, touching and rubbing its fur will enhance circulation, and your dogs will undoubtedly enjoy the grooming! 

Remember, regardless of whether your pup has long or short hair, you’ll still need to groom regularly to keep your dog’s skin and coat healthy.

How to Keep your Dogs Calm during Brushing?

Well, as you know, all dogs don’t like to be brushed, especially those experiencing it new. So how to keep your dog calm while your brush? The key is to reward them. Yes, you read it right. Like a kid, your dog loves the idea of rewards in the form of plenty of treats.

Following are some tips for doing so:

  1. Ask your puppy to sniff the brush, and give them a small treat when they do, as per your instructions. 
  2. Then, brush a few strokes and massage them with it; they will surely love it, and this is when you will reward them with another treat. 
  3. Once they get familiar with the brushing routine, gradually increase the length of time, you brush your dog and increase it every time before rewarding them. 
  4. Lastly, finish the brushing with a big treat when you’re all done!


Grooming your puppy is one of the most entertaining and crucial things you will do to keep your dog happy and healthy. Using the right grooming tools and following essential tips and advice will improve your dog’s appearance without hurting them. 

To look its best, you should have various grooming tools and follow the above tips and advice for brushing your dog’s hair. You’ll undoubtedly love how your dog will be flattered.

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