blue wilderness cat food review

This article is based on the Blue Wilderness cat food review in which we will discuss the quality of this cat food’s ingredients and its pros and cons to decide whether it is worth feeding cats or not. We will also look at its customer feedback because buyers’ experience tells a lot about the brand, so let’s get started. 

Blue Wilderness is the most demanding cat food on the market and its brand Blue Buffalo has a fascinating history of producing pet food. The owner’s dog is known to have developed cancer, and when his diet was examined, he discovered that the brand employed dangerous chemicals and other ingredients.

So he made the decision to bring something on the market that is free of these harmful substances. Soon it became a well-known brand and now it is available in many stores. Stay with us till the end to know whether is Blue Wilderness a good cat food or not!

Details about the Company of Blue Wilderness:

Details about the Company of Blue Wilderness

Blue Wilderness is the product line of the Blue Buffalo which was founded in 2003. We are astounded to discover that it established itself on the market amid well-known brands in such a short amount of time. Initially, this company only sold dog food but with respect to time, it started making cat food as well which got an amazing response from the buyers.

This cat food is manufactured in its facilities in the United States and it uses high-quality ingredients so keep in mind that it is a little bit pricey. 

Ingredients Used in Blue Wilderness Cat food:

Let’s start our Blue Wilderness cat food review by having a detailed look at its ingredients. It will not only help in choosing the right cat food but will give you a proper understanding of this company’s cat food quality.

Veggies and Fruits:

To make sure that your cat gets essential nutrients from natural and quality sources, the formulas of this cat food include blueberries,  peas, carrots, cranberries, etc. These foods are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Real Meat:

To make sure that your cat stays healthy, this company uses chicken, fish, turkey, or other similar protein sources as a primary ingredient. 


Not all but some formulas of this cat food include whole grain including barley or rice, these are considered good sources of fiber and carbs but make sure that your cat is not allergic to any of these, otherwise, buy grain-free formulas.


It is such a relief to know that this cat food includes healthy fats that are essential for the cat’s health. It provides omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids and promotes healthy skin.


In addition to the answer to the question is Blue Wilderness a good cat food, we check the preservatives used in this cat food. It is good to know that this company uses natural preservatives including rosemary extract and tocopherols so that the food stays fresh without harming the cat’s health.


Taurine is an amino acid that is essential to promote a cat’s heart health and vision so it is added for this purpose. 

Minerals and Vitamins:

Blue Wilderness cat food has added vitamins and minerals to support different body functions including its immune function and bone health.

Pros of Blue Wilderness Cat Food:

  • This cat food promotes the health of the skin and coat of your cat.
  • The taste of this cat food is so good.
  • It takes care of the cat’s immune system.
  • It is considered best for cats with stomach sensitivities.
  • The carbohydrate content is quite low.

Cons of Blue Wilderness Cat Food:

  • This cat food is a little bit pricey.
  • Some of its formulas use binding agents that could cause allergy or bloating.

Blue Wilderness Cat Food Reviews:

We decided to add customer reviews to our Blue Wilderness cat food review to let you know the experiences of people from all around the world. We found many positive reviews about this cat food, and the customers are happy that their cat is now more energetic and healthy.

Many pet owners are claiming that their cat’s digestive issues are all resolved now and their cat absolutely loves its taste. Significant improvement in the cat’s skin is also seen according to many online reviews. However, some people are not happy with its price and find it hard to buy due to the unavailability of products but Amazon saves them.

Is Blue Wilderness a good cat food?

From the details we shared above in our Blue Wilderness cat food review, this cat food is found to be extremely healthy and worth buying. It provides all the essential nutrients that are necessary for a cat’s health.

However, if your cat has any allergies then don’t forget to read the ingredients on the packet. You can consult your vet before adding anything new to your cat’s diet. Overall, the blue Wilderness good cat is considered good and got a positive response from the customers.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you found our Blue Wilderness cat food review helpful in deciding why you feed it to your cat. We have provided a details look into its ingredients and pros and cons which makes us sure that it is something worth buying. If you want to look for other food options then read Alpha Paw Dog food reviews as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Wilderness Blue good for cats?

After switching to this cat food, many buyers are happy because their cat’s health and skin improved. It uses natural and top quality ingredients which makes it a good cat food. However, it is your duty to look for any sensitivities in your cat before adding this to her diet.

Is Blue a premium cat food?

Based on the ingredients used, it is considered a premium quality cat food.

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