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Founded by American Nutrition in 1972, the Simply Nourish Pet Food brand is our today’s focus so if you are a pet owner confused about whether to use it or not then stay with us till the end. In this article, we will share Simply Nourish cat food reviews that will help you have a better understanding of this pet food.

Choosing the right food for cats is not easy so we are here to provide some ease in making this decision. There are more than 40 different recipes of Simply Nourish Cat food available so how would you decide which one will be a better option? Well, this is another query but first, let’s find out is simply nourish a good cat food?

Details about Simply Nourish Pet Food Company:

Simply Nourish is a US-based pet food company, having facilities in the US as well as in Thailand where wet food is manufactured. The company offers food for both adult cats and kittens that helps in improving their health and wellness. The name of the company depicts its goal which is to make a “simple and understandable” experience for pet owners.

This brand claims to be using high-quality ingredients both in Simply Nourish dry cat food and wet food. It is a perfect cat food for those who need help to find affordability and quality in one brand. It uses healthy ingredients for your beloved cat, she will surely love its taste.

As cats require fewer carbohydrates, this brand keeps that in mind while formulating their recipes. There is a wide range of recipes available, you can buy one according to your cat’s health conditions. It is better that you stick to grain-free formulas. 

Primary Ingredients used in Simply Nourish cat food:

To know whether is Simply Nourish a good cat food or not, let’s have a look at their list of primary ingredients:

Real Meat:

Simply Nourish uses real meat because they understand how much protein is necessary for cats. Their meat sources are chicken, Turkey, and Salmon which are considered best for cats. All of their products have 35% protein or higher.


The essential amino acid for cats Taurine is added to all the products of Simply Nourish to ensure that your cat food does not lack any of the important nutrients. You should select your cat’s diet by keeping all these things in mind because its deficiency can lead to reproductive failure and central retinal degeneration.


Good healthy fats are also added to this cat food to support their body functions and to provide energy. Many of their recipes include sunflower oil and chicken fat.


It uses very low amounts of carbs as high amounts are harmful for cats. It is good to know that Simply Nourish keeps all these things in mind when formulating their recipes. Their products are free of unhealthy preservatives and artificial flavors. Before moving to Simply Nourish cat food reviews, let’s have a look at its pros and cons first.

Pros of Simply Nourish cat food:

  • Simply Nourish uses real meat in their recipes as a primary ingredient.
  • Their recipes use ingredients from natural sources.
  • All of their products include essential vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.
  • Many options in both Simply Nourish dry cat food and wet are available, you can easily select one according to your cat’s taste and health condition.
  • A high percentage of protein is used. 

Cons of Simply Nourish cat food:

  • It is hard to find options for cats who are on special diets.
  • Some products have way too small kibble sizes which is not considered good because some cats swallow them whole.

Simply Nourish cat food reviews:

Simply Nourish cat food reviewsSource: petsmart

According to the Simply Nourish cat food reviews we found on different platforms, it appears that many customers are happy and satisfied with its products as their cats love this cat food. The wet food smells so good that cats run towards them and finish it off quite fast. This cat food has helped many owners in improving the health of their cats.

Some customers are not happy after buying their dry products because it had a lot of powder which is a waste of money because their cats don’t eat it. Many customers are switching to other pet foods due to this reason.

Recall History of Simply Nourish Cat Food:

The clean history of Simple Nourish surprises us because it never recalled any of its products. Their products including cat and dog food and treats have never been recalled until October 7, 2014. The recall of Beef and Biscotti Dog Treats happened because it was suspected of mold growth. However, there isn’t any other recall history available.

Is Simply Nourish a good cat food?

is simply nourish a good cat food


From Simply Nourish cat food reviews, we can say that everyone has their own experiences but there is not a big issue that could affect your cat’s health. If you are willing to give it a try then you can go for it, maybe your cat will like it. If your cat is a picky eater then keep that in mind while selecting the formula.

Wrapping Up:

After careful consideration of Simply Nourish Cat food, we can say that it seems promising and as we can see from its reviews, the pet owners love this brand. However, everything has positive and negative sides, we shared all the details above so you can easily decide by yourself. Check out Pinnacle dog food reviews as well because this may be of interest to you.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where is Simply Nourish cat food made?

Their cat food is manufactured in both the US and Thailand. Products manufactured in Thailand use Thai-sourced ingredients and US-sourced ingredients used in US-based products.

Is simply nourish a good brand?

It uses real meat as a first ingredient in all recipes which makes it a perfect choice for your pet.

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