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Particularly if they spend time outside, dogs are more likely to experience skin problems such as allergies, chapped paws, and other forms of irritation during specific times of the year. Yet, in order to prevent these problems, it is commonly recommended to dog owners that they apply an ointment to their dog’s skin and paws.

Aquaphor is one of the safest ointments you might put on your dog. Nevertheless, you must take extra precautions to ensure that your dog does not swallow any of it. 

Can we use Aquaphor on dog? You are free to use Aquaphor on your dog because it is an ointment that is completely risk-free for canines.

Aquaphor is an extremely efficient treatment for a wide variety of dry skin issues, including chapped lips, cracked feet and hands, chapped and dry skin, small burns and wounds, and other similar conditions. On the other hand, you need to make sure that your dog does not swallow the ointment. 

Can I Put Aquaphor On My Dog? What Exactly Is Aquaphor? 

aquaphor on dog


Petrolatum is a major component in the skin-care product Aquaphor, which is also manufactured with additional skin-protecting chemicals like baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Both humans and dogs can use this ointment without risk. It could be applied to heal cuts, nappy rash, eczema, and chapped skin. Contrary to what is commonly believed, Aquaphor and Vaseline are not interchangeable.  

Vaseline is composed entirely of petroleum jelly, whereas Aquaphor contains a number of other chemicals. Dog wounds and tiny cuts can be treated, and the dog’s skin is moisturized by Aquaphor.

Still, a dog must never be permitted to consume it. If a dog consumes a significant dose of Aquaphor, it may experience vomiting and diarrhea as well as stomach problems. Hence, make sure you never keep this ointment anyplace that your dog can obtain it.  

You could use an E collar or a pet cone when applying this ointment to a dog to stop the animal from licking itself. If you don’t have a pet cone, make sure to use a tiny bit of Aquaphor on your dog’s afflicted body parts. Hence, even if your dog licks it, the small amount won’t have any negative effects on their health. 

Can One Use Aquaphor on Dog’s Skin? 

Aquaphor can, of course, be applied to your dog’s skin. We listed a few ailments that Aquaphor could benefit dogs with. If your dog has dry skin as a result of the cold weather or a little cut, you can use this ointment to treat the afflicted areas of their skin. 

Make careful to use a small amount while applying, and then rub it into your hands first. Once you’ve done so, carefully apply it to your dog’s skin, being careful not to get any on their eyes or lips. On a dog with dry skin, you can use it twice daily. Aquaphor’s anti-inflammatory qualities calm the skin. 

Can one use Aquaphor on dog? You should constantly keep an eye on how your dog responds to the treatment. You should stop using this ointment and contact your veterinarian right away if you think your dog may be experiencing any symptoms, such as vomiting or diarrhea. Also, unless specifically approved by a veterinarian, Aquaphor should not be used on dogs with serious skin conditions. 

What Is the Best Method to Apply Aquaphor On Dog? 

Apply a very small quantity of Aquaphor to your dog’s dry skin, especially his nose and paw pads, and then rub it in. When you have finished applying Aquaphor to your dog’s paw pads, put booties on their feet for thirty to sixty minutes to further assist the product in penetrating the skin. If you want to avoid your dog feeling uncomfortable while wearing the booties, you should take them off after an hour at the most. 

Aquaphor can have a very light coating applied up to twice a day by the owners. Although Aquaphor will assist in moisturizing your dog’s dry skin, it will not treat the underlying issue that is leading to your dog’s skin problems. 

Dry dog skin can be caused by a number of factors, including allergies, skin diseases, or exposure to the environment, such as scorching pavement in the summer or icy roads in the winter. It is highly recommended that you take your canine companion to a veterinarian if they experience persistent dry skin or other symptoms, including itching and irritation. 

Frequently Asked Questions  

Can I Put Aquaphor On My Dog? 

You can find relief for your dog’s superficial skin problems, such as crusty noses, dry and cracked paw pads, and dry elbows, by applying Aquaphor. If your veterinarian has not given you specific instructions to do so, you should never put any type of cream, ointment, disinfectant, or other material into an incision. 

Can One Apply Aquaphor on Dog’s Hot Spots? 

Aquaphor should not be used directly on any open wounds. It will cause the hot spots to become even more severe by trapping moisture close to the skin. Instead, a veterinarian may recommend a topical antibiotic cream or spray that must be applied to the affected area.  

Oral antibiotics, however, which have been prescribed by a veterinarian, have proven to be the most successful means of treating hot spots. 


Although this petroleum jelly product was developed specifically for people, it is also effective when used on animals. Your dog may have a crusty nose, peeling paw pads, or any type of superficial skin problem that Aquaphor can help address.  

Can one use Aquaphor on dog? It would be soundest not to let your dog eat Aquaphor. It is acceptable for your canine companion to lick a small quantity off of their paws. However, If they consume a significant dose of Aquaphor, your dog could end up with diarrhea as a result. 

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