black spot on dog's paw

The development of black spot on dog’s paw is quite a common issue, so if your dog is going through the same problem then don’t worry because you will find the complete details on how to treat black spot on dog paw.

There are many causes of black spot on dog’s paw, the common one is when they change their paw color from pink to black as they grow old. It starts by developing a small spot on the paw which leads to the full black color with respect to time. 

If you see any changes in the color of your dog’s paw especially black spots, you should see your vet for a better understanding of the condition. However, the details you should know about the development of the black spot on dog’s paw are all added in this article so keep reading it till the end!

What are the causes of the development of black spot on dog’s paw?

black spot on dog paw


At the time of birth, the dog’s paws are soft and pink but when they grow old, the paws started changing their color from pink to black. Their paws become more rigid and it is natural, maybe your dog is going through the same phase and this is why he developed a black spot on his paw.

Another cause of black spot on dog’s paw is due to some disease or illness your dog might be going through. The best approach in this condition is to take him to the vet because professional help is necessary to diagnose and treat the illness that sometimes could be a severe infection. If something is serious, your dog will let you know by biting or licking his paws continuously. 

You can also try some home remedies for this condition like using omega-three fatty acids and if you are sure that it is an allergy then you can use oatmeal-based conditioner and shampoo. People who don’t care about their dog’s paw and don’t clean properly tend to have this problem more often.

You should apply a moisturizer in this condition after removing debri with a tweezer because sometimes the black spot on dog paw is due to the dirt. Make sure there are no such things as broken glass in your dog’s way to prevent his paws from any harm. Keep reading to know more about how you can treat black spot on dog’s paw.

Ways to treat black spot on dog’s paw:

The paw care routine is essential, especially for puppies like Goldendoodles to prevent black spot on dog’s paw, however, if your dog has developed any, then read this heading to know how you can treat it. Usually, the black spot on dog’s paw is due to hyperpigmentation or it could be due to yeast or bacterial infection. 

Take your dog to the vet to see if he has developed any allergies, he may prescribe you Advantage or Advantix, or Frontline which are quite effective in this condition. Your veterinarian may advise you to take Benadryl (1 mg per pound or a 25 mg capsule per 25 pound dog orally every 8 hours) or Claritin (loratidine) at 5 mg per 25 pound dog once or twice daily. 

To determine which medication works best for your dog, you should watch him closely. Antihistamines might cause some dogs to become drowsy or overactive if you are giving him any. If the condition does not improve after two weeks of trying one medication at a time, change it or visit the veterinarian once more.

If you are looking for some DIY remedy, you can try Tea soaking, this way you will be able to prevent your dog from harmful chemicals. Another thing you can do is to add some specific nutrients to your dog’s diet, it boots collagen production in his body which will help in healing dog’s paws faster. 

How to prevent black spot on dog’s paw?

To prevent your dog’s paw from getting dark, read the precautions below:

  • Don’t take your dog for long walks on hot grounds to prevent his paws from becoming dark, choose the grounds wisely, like grass.
  • You should use paw wax to prevent black spot on dog’s paw as it creates a barrier that provides protection from any dirt, apply it before taking your dog for a walk. 
  • Dog boots are also available now in many different sizes and designs, you can choose one for your dog to prevent any harm to his paws. 
  • If your dog often gets allergic reactions, then you can try the hypoallergenic diet for at least 1 month, if you see any improvement then continue it for another 2 months. 
  • To prevent dog from such allergies, do not add beef/chicken or carbohydrates to his diet. 

Wrapping Up:

The black spot on dog’s paw is usually a common problem and most of the time it is not a serious problem but sometimes it might be an alarming situation so it is better to take her to the vet in the early stages.

We have provided all the related details above and we hope that you found this article informative. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are there black spots on my dog’s paws?

The causes of black spots on a dog’s paw are numerous, it could be hyperpigmentation or any kind of infection. You should see your vet for proper identification of the cause. 

What does a dog paw infection look like?

When your dog is licking continuously or you can see any swelling or redness then it is possible that your dog has developed some kind of infection. 

How do you treat dark spots on dogs?

If the cause is hyperpigmentation, you can use medicated shampoo or other steroid ointments, however, identifying and using medications on your own is really not a good idea, seek professional help before using anything. 

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