Cracked Dog Paws: How to Treat & Prevent It?

Cracked Dog Paws

Animal paws are tough & made to withstand tough conditions such as walking on rocky paths & snowy grounds. However, there is a limit to everything. Even our best Nike sneakers tend to get torn with excessive use. Similarly, the tough dog paws also get cracked & wounded due to extreme weather conditions.

In this article, we will talk about the possible ways in which we can cure cracked dog paws & the ways to prevent it from happening.

Prevention for Dry Cracked Dog Paws

Prevention for Dry Cracked Dog Paws


Prevention is better than cure. Hence it is the best policy to take care of certain things daily to prevent your dog’s paws to get cracked & hurt.

Grooming Regularly

Some people think that grooming applies to only the skin & fur. Providing proper grooming to the paws of dogs results in them becoming strong & resilient to any harsh abuse that might occur to their paws.

Grooming includes keeping their nails trimmed. To know when to trim them is simple. If you hear a lot of scratching, clicking, & screeching while your dog is walking on the ground, it means that its nails are touching the ground. Get a special pay nail cutter to gently trim off excess nails.

Also, make sure to regularly trim the hair between the pads on your pet’s paws as it can get painful when overgrown. Brush the hair & keep it trimmed & the same height as the paw pads.

You should also check your dog’s paws after a rocky climb or a long walk. Small rocks & debris tend to accumulate between the paw pads. Have a pair of tweezers to remove debris & rinse the paws daily to clean them.

Giving a gentle massage to your dog’s paw will soften it & make them less prone to injury & cracking. Massaging them also improves blood circulation & makes your pet feel better.

Prepare for Outdoors

Extreme temperatures tend to hurt the health of your dog’s paws. Problems are more likely to occur if your dog spends most of the time indoors. If you wish to take your dog for some leisure walks outdoor, it is best to start slow. Gradually increase the time they spend outdoors to make them strong against the conditions.

Another reason for dog cracked paws is the winter season. In the cold temperatures & especially in snow, the paws are likely to crack because of the accumulated ice & snow between the pads, also the winter season mostly consists of dry air which makes the paws crack.

Good prevention for this is to use boots to protect them from the ice & cold weather. If you don’t use boots, then be sure to thoroughly wipe your dog’s paws to clean off accumulated ice. Also cleaning them is important because your dog might be licking its paws which can cause harmful chemicals used to dissolve the snow to enter his stomach.

In contrast, the summer season also creates big problems regarding the paws of dogs. In the hot season, the paws tend to burn, blister, & eventually crack. Limit the time your dog spends walking outdoor & moisturize the paws regularly. Wash off them in cold water frequently to cool them off & make your pet feel better.

General Considerations

Keep an eye out on your dog & see if it might be acting strangely & putting harm to its paws. Excessive licking & chewing are the main things which you want to look out for.

Cracked dog paws are mainly caused due to aggressive licking & chewing of paws. Make sure to clean off the paws regularly & remove any leftover debris & dirt from them. You might want to consult a vet if your dog continuously licks & chews its paws.

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Treatment for Cracked Dog Paws

What to do if the damage is done despite all the taken preventions & precautions. If you find out traces of blood on the path your dog usually walks & see cuts on his paws, there are a series of steps that you should do to handle the problem most professionally.

Call the Veterinarian

First things first, if you are involved in such a situation, the first thing is to call the vet. A doctor is the best person which could tell the best treatment options regarding the problem. If the paw is severed badly or the pad is completely cut off, you should not delay visiting the nearby vet.

Clean the Wound

Your first step regarding the treatment of your dog’s paws should be to clean it. then the injured paw under warm water or a saline solution to clean any leftover debris & accumulated blood. This is an important step because it prevents any infections caused.

Superglue the Cut

Most all vets do it because it is effective & not harmful. Use surgical glue or super glue to join the cracked paw. You are supposed to apply a generous amount on the cracked sides & manually hold the cut together until it dries & stays together.

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Bandage the Paw

After cleaning & supergluing it, you may apply a balm that soothes the paw. To make a secure dressing, use medical gauze to wrap it around the wound of the paw. Don’t keep the bandage too tight so that it hurts the dog. Similarly, don’t keep it to loose so it falls out.

You are supposed to change the dressing once every day. Don’t keep the wound open for a long time as it could get infected & lead to bigger problems. It is better to give it a sock to wear so the dog does not fiddle with the bandage.



This is our guide to prevent & treat cracked dog paws. If you have any other queries & suggestions regarding this article, feel free to leave a comment below. We will love to answer you.

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