i almost killed my dog with fish oil

Have you heard the story “I almost killed my dog with fish oil”? If not, then you are at the right place. The people who already know about it will get to know the real cause of that dog’s death. You will also find the answer to the question ‘Is fish oil bad for dogs’ which is the most asked query of pet owners after the story ‘I almost killed my dog with fish oil’ went viral.

It is true that every dog behaves differently when they are given fish oil supplements and some show allergic reactions so if you see any symptoms like difficulty breathing, hives, and itching in your dog after giving fish oil supplements, you should contact your vet immediately. The other side effects might include Bad breath and Upset stomach so keep an eye on that!

Now the main question is ‘Can your dog really get killed if eaten fish oil?’ Well, that’s not true and we haven’t heard anything about it since the story ‘I almost killed my dog with fish oil’ went viral. However, there are many other factors that you should consider before giving fish oil to your dog. Let’s have a look at them and learn the complete story!

Complete story – I Almost Killed My Dog With Fish Oil:

is fish oil bad for dogs

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The owner of the 3-Year-Old Mastiff noticed that his dog isn’t feeling feel and his back legs aren’t working properly so he took the dog to the vet who suggested fish oil for the dog as it is beneficial for joints. He didn’t give him a fish oil supplement until he confirmed it from other vets and they all suggested the same.

The dog went through all the tests like X-rays and ultrasounds to check if he has developed any cancerous symptoms but there was nothing. The dog was diagnosed with arthritis and the vet suggested glucosamine. However, the condition of the dog didn’t get any better and the owner got more worried because now the dog wasn’t able to move its back legs and was in pain.

The owner consulted the vet again who then gave his dog heavy painkillers and told him that there is nothing that they can do about its condition. The owner got devastated by the news but he didn’t give up and tried many other things until he found out that this condition of the dog might be due to fish oil supplements. 

He then removed fish oil from his diet and he was amazed to see the results as his dog’s condition started getting better. It was unusual and when he shared the story ‘I Almost Killed My Dog With Fish Oil’ on the internet, everyone went crazy. The reason why his dog started moving his back legs again was the removal of fish oil from his diet. 

The owner found out that his dog was becoming vitamin E deficient due to the fish oil, but is it really true? Can fish oil really does that? Well, keep reading to find out the truth!

Reaction of Dr. Yegani on – I almost killed my dog with fish oil – Story:

When Dr. Yegani who is not really a medical doctor heard the viral story of I almost killed my dog with fish oil, he conducted research to find out if fish oil is really bad for dogs and cats. After completing his research, he concluded that there are four reasons why fish oil could become poisonous for your dog, his claims are given below:

  1. He said that ‘Dogs are carnivores’ which is quite irrelevant.
  2. Fish oil created imbalances, he added.
  3. Excessive vitamin E use is blamed for the problem but the vitamin E was too little.
  4. He also said that the reason could be the excessive amount of mercury in the fish as mercury poisoning is a crucial issue.

However, his claims are not supported by any other medical doctors but some of his reasonings are valid. After reading the I Almost killed my dog with fish oil story, many people started wondering is fish oil bad for dogs. You must be thinking the same, so keep reading to know the truth and why pet owners add fish oil to their dog’s diet.

Is fish oil bad for dogs?

is fish oil bad for dogs

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No, that’s not true, and don’t get delusional after reading I almost killed my dog with fish oil story because it is not bad for your dog. In fact, it is considered one of the best supplements for dogs as 30% of fish oil contains omega-3s, while other fats make up the remaining 70%. It helps in improving itchy and flaky skin, relieves joint pain, and improves heart health.

Fish oil also helps strengthen the immune system of your dog and helps him fight canine cancer. It also contains other vitamins like A and D but the main purpose of adding fish oil to the dog’s diet is to provide Omega-3. It can also be taken from other sources like Phytoplankton. 

However, you shouldn’t add an unlimited amount of Omega-6 to your dog’s diet as it causes inflammation which is not good for your dog’s health. The excessive amount might cause allergic symptoms, Joint pain, and other Chronic health issues.

Why you should add Fish oil to your dog’s diet?

Fish oil contains the essential Omega-3 fatty acids which your dog cannot produce on its own, so you should add fish oil supplements to your dog’s diet to ensure your pet’s good health. These fish oil supplements are made from oily fish tissues, including those of Salmon, Sardines, and Mackerel.

Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) are the two types of omega-3 fatty acids that can be found in fish oil. The former helps in reducing inflammation and the latter is important for eye and brain health. Overall, it is quite beneficial for your dog’s health so don’t stop giving him fish oil after hearing the ‘I almost killed my dog with fish oil’ story.

Wrapping Up:

We have shared the complete ‘I almost killed my dog with fish oil’ story above along with the other details of the incident and we hope that you found this article interesting. We have also provided details about the importance of fish oil and why you should add it to your dog’s diet. However, if your dog has other health issues and you notice any changes then you can consult your vet.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Fish oil bad for my dog’s health?

Absolutely not! The viral story about killing a dog with fish oil does not prove that fish oil was the main cause of that dog’s bad health. You should add fish oil supplements to your dog’s diet as it contains omega-3 fatty acids which are essential for your dog’s health. 

How Fish oil is important for a dog’s health?

Dogs cannot produce Omega-3 fatty on their own and fish oil supplements contain Omega-3 fatty acids along with other vitamins so you should add them to your dog’s diet. 

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