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Are you looking for healthy and vet-recommended food for your cat? Well, if you have already heard about Fromm Cat Food then this article will definitely help you. It is based on Fromm cat food reviews and after reading it, you will be able to easily decide by yourself whether to use it or not so keep reading till the end!

This family-owned pet food company has been around for many decades and claims to provide top-quality food so that your pet stays healthy and gets all the required nutrition on a daily basis. It is one of the manufacturers that created the first “all-granular” dog food and employed mixed tocopherols as natural preservatives. Let’s start our Fromm cat food review!

Details about Fromm Pet Food Company:

fromm wet cat food


Fromm Cat Food Company is based in Wisconsin and as it is a family-owned company, it is trusted by many pet owners. This fifth-generation family company started its operations in 1904 and since then they have not let their buyers down. Even though this company set up its manufacturing plant in 1925, it started selling dog food in 1949.

Their suppliers all adhere to the standards of their authorized Supplier Programme, and all of their foods are produced and processed in the United States. In order to protect the health of cats and dogs, all of the ingredients must pass testing. They use HACCP at all of their facilities, which the FDA, USDA, and APHIS inspect.

Details about the Manufacturing of Fromm Cat Food:

This company manufactures both wet and dry cat food and every ingredient of their product is unique. There have not been any complaints regarding the health complications of dogs and cats after eating this pet food. Fromm wet cat food is also manufactured in this company along with dry one so it is up to your cat’s choice, both of them are equally good and balanced.

Make sure that your cat is not allergic to grains because this cat food contains them, however, you can also choose other products that are grain-free. All of their products are manufactured with top quality and natural ingredients and do not contain dyes or any type of artificial coloring according to their claims. In this Fromm cat food review, we’ll find out the truth.

Pros of Fromm Cat Food:

  • This cat food uses natural ingredients in its production.
  • It uses meat-based protein.
  • The grain-free formula is also available in some of its products.
  • Two choices Fromm wet cat food and dry food are available.
  • No harmful ingredients are used to ensure your pet’s well-being.

Cons of Fromm Cat Food:

  • According to some Fromm cat food reviews, many pet owners think it is expensive.
  • It contains fillers like pea protein which is not considered good.

Fromm Cat Food reviews:

Many consumers claimed that this cat food is what improved their cats’ health. Some consumers claim that their cats had health problems with their skin, digestion, and various other problems before using this pet food, and the dramatic improvement in their cats’ health has astounded them.

Most of the Fromm cat food reviews are positive, making it a trusted brand. It is praised due to its high-quality ingredients and its healthy sources. You can read its reviews on many different platforms including Amazon where customers are recommending this cat food. Keep reading to find out whether you should try it or not.

Is Fromm Cat Food Good?

According to Fromm cat food reviews and the information we collected, this cat food appears good for the health of your pet. This company focuses on natural and beneficial ingredients and the quality of the food is their top priority. For more than 90 years, it has been manufacturing cat and dog food that is always appreciated by the customers. 

It is also seen that this cat food received less to no complaints which is one of the biggest reasons for trusting this brand. Their wet foods are low in carbs but are rich in protein meat and their dry food contains more carbs and lacks moisture so it is your duty to find the right product for your pet according to its health. 

The consistency in providing top-quality food makes Fromm Pet Food company stand out among its rivals. Their goal is to continue manufacturing high-quality pet food so yes, you can surely trust this pet food.

Recall History of Fromm Pet Company:

The company’s history of recalls reveals a lot about it, as well as whether to use its products or not. After 90 years of operations, Fromm underwent its first recall in 2016. The high amounts of vitamin D in a number of cans of dog food were the cause. 

The same reason led to another recall by this company in 2021. There aren’t any other recalls available.

Wrapping Up:

We collected all the details regarding Fromm Pet Food Company to help you decide why you should add it to your cat’s diet. Now, it must be easy for you to make a decision after reading the details shared above. If you want to know about more pet food companies then read Tiki dog food reviews here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Fromm cat food Aafco approved?

All the Fromm Cat food company products are formulated to meet all the nutritional requirements which are set by AAFCO.

Does Fromm have taurine?

Taurine is an essential amino acid for cats but their bodies are not able to make it on their own so a balanced diet is necessary. This is why Fromm cat food contains all the right ingredients including taurine to make sure your cat stays healthy.

Has Fromm had any recalls?

Yes, its first recall happened in 2016 after more than 90 years of its operations. Some of its products had high amounts of Vitamin D that affected dog’s health. 

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