special kitty cat food review

Special Kitty is a Walmart’s house brand cat food. The brand is well-known for its assortment of pouches, variety packs, wet and dry food. Finding Special Kitty Cat Food reviews might be challenging because there isn’t much online about the company.

We all know Walmart to be a massive retailer with a wide selection of goods for both human and animal needs. J.M. Smucker Company is said to be the manufacturer of the Special Kitty by Pet Food Ratings. This is the same business that collaborates with other cat food companies like 9 Lives and EverPet. 

Let’s dive in and learn more about Special Kitty Cat Food review and know is Special Kitty Cat food good or not.

What is Special Kitty Cat Food?

special kitty cat food reviews

Source: Cats.com

An American pet food company called Special Kitty Cat Food sells cat food. As this pet food brand is founded by Walmart, Special Kitty Cat Food is only available at Walmart. However, pet owners may now find the goods on Amazon in addition to Walmart.com.

Doane Pet Care owned Special Kitty, which was founded in 1983, until 2006. Since its founding, Special Kitty has had a number of owners and managers, including Mars Pet Care and Del Monte Pet Care up to 2014.

According to the claims of the brand, Special Kitty formulations for cat food include vitamins, minerals, calcium, and phosphorus for a balanced diet. 

Where is Special Kitty Cat Food Made?

The J.M. Smucker Group operates 13 North American production facilities, including those in Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Wisconsin and other states. Most of the facilities in these areas are likely to make Special Kitty Cat Food, while some locations are only operational for packaging and supply.

How is Special Kitty Cat Food Made?

Special Kitty Cat Food is spreading rapidly due to Special Kitty Cat Food reviews. All of its recipes, as stated on the company’s website, adhere to AAFCO standards.

While claiming that all of its components are sourced in accordance with the Global Responsible Sourcing code of conduct, the owning firm. The ethical and sustainable procurement of ingredients for the production of pet food products is the focus of this guideline.

After being sourced, the ingredients are prepared, and the meal is produced in accordance with the high safety criteria of the brand.

Is Special Kitty Cat Food Good for Cats?

Yes, Special Kitty Cat Food is good for your cat, particularly for budget-conscious owners.

The formulations for Special Kitty Cat Food are full and balanced. They do employ certain proteins from animal sources, but they also use plants and byproducts. The food comes in sizable, practical containers, which are easy to carry and store.

Special Kitty Cat Food also provides a selection of wet, kibble, and cat treat feeds. However, the usage of corn maize and other byproducts, which may cause problems for cats with sensitive stomachs, has raised some suspicions about the brand. It is spreading rapidly due to Special Kitty Cat Food review.

Special Kitty Cat Food Review

Due to its affordability and value for money, Special Kitty Cat Food may be a desirable option. Read our in-depth Special Kitty Cat Food reviews to choose which formula is best for your cat’s health and well-being.

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  • Special Kitty Outdoor Dry Cat Food

Special Kitty Outdoor Dry Cat Food has been designed for your cats’ active outdoor lifestyle. It has healthful ingredients and is a quality cat food your feline buddy will like. It promotes their general well-being and provides them with extra energy to keep up with their daily routines.

It has incorporated certain vitamins for your cats’ eye and heart health. This food is designed for the kitten and adult cat maintenance and is 100 percent complete and balanced. This makes it the ideal recipe for your cat because it also promotes strong bones and teeth.

  • Special Kitty Indoor Formula Cat Food

special kitty cat food reviews

Source: Cats.com

The Special Kitty Indoor Formula Cat Food is a fantastic supper for cats of all life stages. It is perfect for indoor cats who aren’t very active. It has comprehensive and balanced nutrients for your adult cat’s needs and employs chicken taste as its primary component. Although it is being marketed as luxury cat food, you can expect to pay a reasonable amount for it.

It also contains additional fiber, which supports digestion and prevents your cats from developing hairballs. Indoor cats frequently have hairballs, which may require a particular formula to avoid. Additionally, this supports a healthy body weight and excellent physical condition.

  • Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Wet food

The 100% balanced and complete nourishment that your cat needs is provided by the Special Kitty Mixed Grill Dinner Wet Cat Food. There are a total of 12 cans of the same taste included in this variety pack. This is a terrific choice for cat owners searching for affordable meals and is perfect for cats of all life stages.

It has a high protein content and was intended to be soft, making it simpler for your cats to digest and eat this food. This meal satisfies the AACO Cat Food Nutrient Profile Ingredients nutritional standards.


It is reasonable to state that Special Kitty is a decent adult cat food given the affordable pricing and availability, also Special Kitty cat food review has been satisfactory. The Special Kitty kitten food is also balanced and appropriate for young kittens’ growing and maturing requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can kittens eat Special Kitty Cat Food?

This meal offers 100% complete and balanced nourishment for your cat’s best health. Like mother’s milk, it includes DHA to assist healthy brain development and other vital nutrients.

Q: Why choose Special Kitty Cat food?

For indoor and outdoor kittens and adult cats, Special Kitty Cat food is a good option. It offers a variety of tastes and a full formula based on chicken.

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