Everybody Loves Dogs! Apart from the people that don’t, and they are quite frankly missing out…
Below we have the Top 10 Dog Inspired Personalised Number Plates that ACTUALLY exist, put together by the team at Regtransfers.
They won’t just have you laughing out loud, but overloaded with cuteness too!

#1: Dog Boss

Dog Boss

#2: Puppers, ASSEMBLE!


#3: *Blep*


#4: Boop the Snoot

Boop the Snoot#5: Embrace the Chonk!
Embrace the Chonk
#6: More Tennis Balls, Hooman! MOOREE…
More Tennis Balls
#7: Bork!
#8: What a Messy Pup!
What a Messy Pup
#9: Big Floofer
Big Floofer
#10: Loaf of Doge?
Loaf of Doge
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