Why do dogs bark

Does your dog keep on barking? If they are, then there are several reasons why. While you might think they might just be hungry or happy, other possible causes exist.

Dogs usually bark when they feel something. This reason is why dog barks often vary. Your dog barks when they are sad, happy, lonely, and more. They also bark when they feel threatened or afraid.

If you want to learn more about why dogs bark, you can find them here. You can also find some tips on how to prevent excessive dog barking.

Reasons Why Dogs Bark

There are numerous reasons why your pet is barking. Learning them can help you take care of your pup better. 

From being happy to feeling scared, here are the common reasons your little friend barks. 

Your dog is afraid.

When your dog feels scared or alarmed, they will start barking. They bark because they want you to protect them or to stay alert.

It is easy to know when your dog is barking out of fear. Your dog will often move around. Their barks will also increase in pitch. At times, their barks will also include growls and whimpers. 

If your dog barks because of fear, there are some things you can do. You can calm them down and show them that everything is alright.

Your dog is happy.

Does your dog randomly bark while playing with you or their toy? One of the reasons your dog barks is happiness.

When your dog cannot contain their happiness, they give a short woof or ruff. Their bark is usually quick. They often return to playing around, enjoying their time with you or their toy.

When your dog barks due to happiness, you have nothing to do. Just bask in the feeling that you have a pleased pup who relishes the moment.

Your dog is lonely. 

Whenever you go out, your dog might start barking. Dogs bark because of loneliness, especially if they miss their owners. When you go out, they will feel incredible anxiety. 

If you have work or school, you might have to leave. However, there are ways for you to make your pup more comfortable being alone. 

You can give your pet toys that will keep their attention while you are away. You can also train them to become more independent.

Your dog wants your attention.

Are you lounging on your couch, and your dog suddenly barks? If they bark nonstop, it’s a sign they want your attention.

While it may seem adorable to some pet owners, this is not good behavior. You should not encourage it, especially if your dog starts barking to get its way. Not only will it be bad for your eardrums, your neighbors might even get mad.

There are several ways to remedy this problem. One common method is not giving in to their barks to let them learn their lesson.

Barking is part of your dog’s habit.

Does your dog bark randomly without any external or internal cause? If so, then there is bad news. Your dog may be barking simply out of habit.

It might be okay if these sudden barks are rare and random. However, if it becomes too frequent, it might cause concern. Your dog’s barks and howls might become distracting not only for you but also for your neighbors.

If barking becomes your dog’s habit, cut it off. You can do so in several ways, from training to using collars. 

Ways to Prevent and Stop Excessive Dog Barking

There are many reasons why excessive dog barking is bad. Your local laws may be against it, and your neighbors may start complaining. You might also get distracted, especially if you need to work at home.

If you want to prevent this bad behavior, there are a few things you can try. Here are three ways to prevent and stop excessive dog barking.

Do not reward bad habits.

When your dog starts barking as a habit, you should stop them firmly. Ignore them if they bark out of attention as you prevent eye contact. Make sure to wait a few moments after they stop before giving them pets or treats.

Use bark collars.

Another way to prevent excessive barking is by using a bark collar. This collar will react when your dogs start barking repeatedly. If you need to decide which dog collar to buy, you can check this barkbeyond collar. You can use it to train your dogs since it punishes terrible behavior. 

Play with your dog.

If you have the time, you can also play with your dog ahead of time. By playing, you can tire out your dog. Since your dog will have no more energy, it will start barking less.

Many Barks, Many Reasons

When it comes to barkings, dogs have different reasons. Some of these reasons include:

  • Feeling happy, sad, or threatened
  • Being in pain or loneliness
  • Wanting attention
  • Becoming a habit

Barking is usually a good way for your dog to communicate with you. However, things can go wrong if your dog starts barking too frequently. If this happens, you should try your best to stop it. 

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