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An animal expresses itself by making various sounds unique to its breed. Such an animal is a cat.

A cat is naturally a very expressive animal that makes a variety of sounds on different occasions & in front of different people & animals.

Cats make purring & meowing sound too often. A meow also has certain styles according to the environment & condition. However, a very unique sound is cat trilling. This unique sound is heard pretty less as compared to the other sounds a cat makes.

In this article, we will learn what cat trilling means & the possible reasons for a cat to trill.

What is Cat Trilling

what does cat trilling mean


There are a variety of sounds a cat makes. They include hissing, purring, meowing, chirping, etc. The trilling sound is a kind of its own. It sounds like a mixture of both purring & meowing. It is produced by a closed cat mouth. In the process, the cat pushes air through its vocal cords rather than pushing it away.

Cat trilling is termed as a way of communication & talking for a cat. It is a high-pitched sound that comes out in intervals & is repetitive. If we look at the pronunciation of a trill, it can be described as a “burr” as it is the combination of both purring & meowing.

You might be unaware of any such sound, or you might be a person who hears this a lot often. It depends on each cat to produce this sound. It is a natural social behavior with other cats & kittens. It is mostly seen between the ages of 2 to 7 weeks.

What Are the Reasons for Cat Trilling

what does cat trilling mean


There is no solid reason why a cat trills. However, researchers have made hypotheses regarding so common reasons that might be the reason for cat trilling. There are multiple possible reasons why a cat trills which are discussed below.

Cat Trilling between Kitten & Mother Cat

Trilling will in general be for the most part utilized by female felines. This is to a limited extent because of the way that when cats are exceptionally youthful, the mother feline will frequently trill at them as a signal to urge the cats to follow her or as a methodology to catch their consideration. 

Subsequently, little cats realize this type of correspondence from the beginning and, because of their propensity to emulate sounds, will utilize the trilling vocalization when welcoming different creatures or individuals, or when they are looking for consideration themselves.

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It Is There Way of Saying Hello & Greeting

Cats tend to communicate differently with other cats as compared to us. In between themselves, they usually trill as a means of greeting. Cat trill to greet others quite often & they mostly meow with humans. This is quite an interesting fact as to when a cat trills to a human, it probably means that that person matters a lot to that cat.

Trilling is regularly utilized by grown-up felines as a declaration of love and joy. You might observe your feline additionally involves trilling as a method for showing they need you to pet them.

They Are Trying To Call You

If your cat has kittens, you will notice that whenever the mother cat trills, her kittens follow her. The basic communication between cats is trilling. Also, a cat trills to call its owner to come & play with them. If your cat trills at you, you might want to put your phone away for some time & entertain it.

In An Attempt to Seek Attention

Your cat might be in an attempt to seek your undivided attention when it trills. The cat might be feeling lonely or just wants you to be around you & play with it.

Sometimes cat also trills to signal you to follow them. They might lead you to someplace they want you to see or some snack on the countertop they want you to reach for.

As A Form of Communication

The trilling sound is quite often a sign of a positive inclination or type of correspondence. Felines will involve trilling as a method for speaking with different felines, just as a type of correspondence with you. However long you are glad to enjoy your feline, you can even put in no time flat in discussion with them, alternating to trade trills.

Different Sounds a Cat Makes

what does cat trilling mean


Below are the various sounds a cat makes besides trilling.


Purring is caused by the stomach and larynx shuddering quickly. Indeed, even a few wild felines, similar to wildcats and cheetahs, will purr. Specialists think the purring allows a mom to feline realizes that her little cat is sound.

Grown-up felines proceed to utilize it to impart. Now and again it signifies “I love you” while different times it’s a sign your feline is anxious or even eager. Purring can likewise be recuperating, and felines might do it when they aren’t feeling great to self-calm and launch the mending system.


When you think about the sounds a feline makes, meowing is most likely the first to ring a bell. What’s more justifiably! Meowing is an amazingly flexible commotion. A short rundown of things meowing can mean incorporates hi, feed me, I’m exhausted, play with me, and I’m in agony or debilitated. 


These are the sounds felines make when they’re watching birds and different creatures outside the window. Chattering is once in a while called “twittering” or “chittering,” as per the Humane Society. Specialists aren’t certain what to think about it, however, some believe it’s impersonating the feline’s cause for prey.

A Few Last Words

Cat trilling isn’t a sign of concern & one should associate it with positivity. It is just another way for cats to communicate especially with their breed. Comment down below your views regarding cat trilling & ask away & queries or questions regarding this article.

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