Can Dogs Eat Saltine Crackers

Saltine crackers are very famous among human beings but surprisingly it can also be a tasty treat for your pets, especially for a man’s best friend; your dog. But can dogs eat saltine crackers? To find out, keep reading this article. You’ll be surprised by what is in store for your furry friend.

What are saltine crackers

Can Dogs Eat Saltine Crackers

A saltine cracker is a thin crunchy biscuit made from flour, baking soda and yeast with a dab of coarse salt. It is a tasty snack mostly eaten with tea at supper or breakfast, an add on for salads or soups. It is a gluten snack that is enjoyed by everyone around the world, animals and humans alike. They are known for their dry textures and salty taste and are sometimes referred to as soda crackers because of their high levels of baking soda and sodium.

Is it safe for your dogs’ health?

Although having saltine crackers occasionally can be quite a yummy treat for your dog, but  “are saltine crackers good for your dog” is a question most dog owners who are concerned about their dogs’ heath have in mind. Truth be told, saltine crackers are high in carbohydrates and sodium so like it is dangerous for a human, excessive salt can also be dangerous for a dog. 

Risk 1

Saltine cracker treats are not beneficial and have no nutritional value in your dog’s diet, therefore do not contribute to being beneficial to their immunity and body. Large amounts of salt can deplete the water levels from their diet and therefore cause them to become dehydrated. Dehydration in turn leads to weight gain and makes them more obese or have potential risks of having health problems like improper functioning of kidney.

Furthermore gluten products that are made from flour or yeast are generally quite unhealthy for your dogs and pets. So one risk factor as an answer to your question are saltine crackers good for your dogs is yes they are but it comes with certain potential risk factors.

Risk 2

Saltine crackers are high in sodium which is the prime culprit in having a high blood pressure count. This medical condition is called hypernatremia which is most common because of over consumption of food and treats that are high in sodium or salt. This condition can further worsen if your dog has previously suffered or is suffering from anemia. Excessive salt intake can elevate can cause this anemia to become very hazardous and can increase lethargy or laziness and also make the vision of your pup cloudy. This is also the main factor of why your dog stays confused most of the time.

High blood pressure can also have dangerous neurological  after effects such as swelling of your brain which can be irreversible or non treatable and can lead to the ultimate demise of your dog. Although indulging in having one or two crackers occasionally is completely fine because after all your dog also has to satisfy its taste buds. Pro tip: dip your saltine crackers in a jar of peanut butter for a bittersweet experience and to balance the salt

Risk 3

Well before you still consider that are saltine crackers good for your dogs diet, Saltine crackers are especially bad for muscle functioning and development. It can cause muscle tremors, enlarged heart muscles by adding more fluid volume, stiff joints, muscle cramps or even organ failure leading to death. It can also cause gastro problems including improper functioning of your intestines and ability to develop stones in your kidney. Also salt is generally very addictive meaning that it constantly makes you crave for more salt which is like above mentioned, very dangerous for your pups health.  In case you notice any signs of potential sodium ion poisoning, take your dog to the vet without wasting any time. 

The bright side

Although after reading the above mentioned risks, you might have considered completely taking out these tasty treats from your dog’s diet but as a plus point, sodium is very important for the proper functioning of an animal or human body. 

It helps to regulate muscle contraction, proper functioning of the nerve and regulated blood volume. As excessive salt is responsible for water and fluid loss, moderately eating salt is responsible for making your body retain the water and fluid. It helps the nerve to transmit the electrical impulses, it balances the electrolytes in our body and prevents muscle cramping. If salt is completely taken out of a dog’s health, that is equally as dangerous as consuming large amounts of salt, because deficiency of salt can cause dizziness and nausea and it could also lead to an upset stomach. 

It improves vascular health of your canine and helps your dog get a good night sleep and good health. But here is the catch and this is what has to be taken into consideration is that we are talking about eating salt in a moderate way according to the pre set guidelines. Now based on these proven and researched facts, you can decide are saltine crackers good for your dogs health and whether they should be included in your dog’s diet.

Professional Help and Advice

Before searching for can dogs eat saltine crackers on the internet, it is best to seek professional help. Every dog can have an underlying medical condition which if left unchecked can be aggravated by acting upon the advice present in the online articles. Instead of all the information leading to the betterment of your dog’s health, your misjudgement can be more dangerous for your dog. Therefore before deciding are saltine crackers good for your dogs health, contact your vet and get your dog medically examined to be on the safe side. Then according to the results, your doctor will decide can dogs eat saltine cracker.


Although saltine crackers are a treat to indulge in once in while, adding them in your dog’s diet and over consumption can be quite injurious to health. However if eaten in moderation, saltine crackers pose no threat to the health of your pup and on the flip side can help with the overall functioning of the body and makes sure that your dog leads a happy healthy life.

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