Things to Keep Your Dog Active

It is not by accident that people frequently refer to dogs as their best companions. They are unmatched in their level of unconditional love, loyalty, and sincerity. Thus, it’s only fair we also treat our doggies like they’re our best friends; it’s a spot they’ve rightfully earned, after all.

Dogs are considerably smarter than most people realize. They are roughly on par with a two-year-old human in terms of intelligence, according to scientists and researchers. Dogs are constantly exploring, so a monotonous routine can hamper their growth. Get rid of the mundane neighborhood strolls and the repetitive fetch games, here are some interesting activities that you can do with your poochy best friend.

Plan Play Dates

Playdates are a great way to assist your dog to learn how to behave around other dogs and even people. They’ll become accustomed to being around both people and other dogs, so while you’re going down the street, they’ll act amicably around your neighbors’ dogs.

The key is to schedule playdates with your dog frequently rather than sporadically. They will be able to adjust to society this way. With other dogs, they’ll feel nervous and uneasy if you just take them sometimes. They will never adapt to the concept. It will limit their ability to enjoy themselves.

Take your dog for a swim

If your dogs are taught to work and play off-leash, dog-friendly swimming areas like the beach, riverbank, or lake can offer a variety of activities to share with your canine best friend. Because swimming with help or wading in chest-deep water is easy on the joints and provides natural resistance, even certain senior dogs and those with particular physical disabilities can benefit from water training.

Just make sure to speak with your vet before beginning a swimming regimen. If you want an online consultation with a licensed veterinarian, use PetMyPal’s telehealth feature by downloading the app or by visiting the website. 

Use a canine life jacket if the water is too deep for your dog to stand in. Your pet will become more at ease in the water and help to ensure a secure return to land if you do this. A terrific way to bring the water fun indoors is to run your dog through the sprinklers or wade through a kiddie pool.

Play a Scavenger hunt with your dog

Test your dog’s scavenging and hunting skills by concealing items for it to find using its strong instincts and nose. When your dog responds to a cue like “find it,” throw some kibble or tiny treats it’s way. The food items can be dispersed more and even hidden beneath objects as it becomes used to this order.

Play Hide and Seek with your dog

Try hiding, then calling your dog until it comes looking for you. Then give a toy or food as a reward. You can also reward your dog for coming when you call him back and forth between people. These entertaining games help a dog’s recall accuracy and dependability. Always play in a secure, enclosed environment with your dog if it hasn’t been trained to run free.

Let your dog indulge in some digging fun

Some dogs enjoy digging, which may cause damage to your flower bed or yard. Consider making your dog a digging pit instead of simply removing opportunities for them to dig. Create a sandbox, add dirt or sand to a kiddie pool, or delineate a space in the yard for your dog to go wild. Praise it when it digs in the area, and hide treats for it to find to make it the most enjoyable spot to dig.

Give your dog some massage therapy

Most dogs enjoy being petted and having their bellies rubbed, but have you thought about giving your dog a massage too? Massage can improve well-being, lessen tension and anxiety, and deepen your bond with your dog.

Take your dog for a hike

Hiking with my dogs can be a fun and rewarding experience, but it’s important to be prepared and follow certain guidelines to ensure the safety of both you and your pet. Instead of using the same walking route every day, why not take your dog off-road and onto a hiking trail? Exploring the outdoors, getting some good exercise, and spending quality time with your dog are all made possible by hiking. Just make sure dogs are permitted on the trail you plan to visit.

Throw a birthday bash for your furry best friend

Dogs should have a birthday celebration just like humans do! Invite your friends and family—along with their dogs—to an outdoor party, and make sure to stock up on toys, treats, and party presents that are dog-friendly. Order a dog-friendly cake and it will be the best day for your pooch partner.

Make sure to reinvent your dog’s playtime and incorporate these fun activities into their daily routine.


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