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As pet owners, we value our pets the same as those around us. Dogs have become a man’s best friend more evidently since the pandemic. We were all stuck at home and depended on them for physical interaction.

They have been great at keeping us grounded despite being confined within the corners of our homes. You can cuddle with them, and they’ll give you the attention you have been craving in return.

However, these same pets can also cause us headaches. Sometimes they could be too playful, resulting in damaged furniture. Pet gates help manage and control these behaviors.

Destructive Chewing

A typical behavior among pets making doggie gates much more helpful is their destructive chewing. Dogs do this to strengthen their jaws and clean their teeth – that’s understanding. However, this same behavior is sometimes because of hunger.

At times, dogs under restricted diets resort to destructive chewing to find additional nutrition. So, they tend to bite or chew pieces of furniture that smell like food. There are also instances where chewing is caused by separation anxiety. 

Regardless of the reason, if your dog adopts destructive chewing, a playpen or a pet gate with a door might save you and your home from a ton of mess. There are several ways to redirect your dog’s bad behavior:

  • Stimulating them through exercises and playtime to reduce their energy for an exhausted dog is well-behaved.
  • Disrupt their chewing through with a loud sound and offer them a treat afterward. This is more effective than punishing them.
  • Provide them toys to nibble with, so they won’t have to bite your home furniture.
  • Lastly, you can use pet gates to keep them separated from areas you’d rather stay tidy.

Kinds of Pet Gates

There are several types of dog gates you can choose from depending on your space and your preference. You may find pet gates on These are the commonly purchased pet gates:

  • Hinged Pet Gates
    These dog gates can either be freestanding or connected to a dog playpen. Hinged ones are also expandable gates for dogs that you can easily fold and unfold when you have to squeeze in the car for a vacation or a trip.
  • Adjustable Gates
    These adjustable gates for dogs may be used to block access to a particular area. You may use adjustable tension gates as a wall or barrier between doorways. These types of gates are typically easy to set up.
  • Walk-Through Pet Gates
    These are also known as dog doorway gates or pet gate with door. These are fixed or attached gates, but they come with doors that you may unlock – allowing pets to pass through easily.
  • Freestanding Pet Gates
    These gates are suitable for those who are not handy or tool savvy. With freestanding pet gates, there is no need for drilling and screwing. Just place it where it fits best, and you’re good to go.

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Choosing the Best Pet Gate

Choosing the Best Pet Gate

Hiddin’s Clear Freestanding Pet Gate Zig Zag. Source

Wood, metal, and plastics like acrylic are commonly used materials in pet gates. They also come with different designs – some you can install, and some are freestanding. If you are renting, it may be better to choose freestanding pet gates, for it does not require drilling holes. 

There are several factors to consider in choosing the right dog gate for your home—the more expensive, the sturdier. However, you do not always have to spend a ton on pet gates. Assess your space and pet, then pick the most suitable dog gate.

  • Chewing Behavior
    If you have a dog with destructive chewing behaviors, you may want to consider metal dog gates or acrylic ones. Wood or other low-end plastic materials might easily chip due to habitual biting and gnawing.
  • Escaping Habit
    Some dogs find their way out of their playpen or pet gate. They try to escape by jumping and climbing up the gate. So, you have to avoid mesh pet gates or those with ladder-like railings to keep them separated.
  • Dog Size
    Dog gates come in different sizes – extra-tall, medium, small, etc. A short pet gate with a few panels might be enough if you have smaller dogs or puppies. Meanwhile, with larger dogs like Labradors, you have to purchase taller or bigger ones to ensure that their access is blocked.
  • Convenience
    When choosing a pet gate, it is essential to consider its ease of operation. If you are holding a thing or two in one of your hands, make sure that you can still unlock or unlatch the pet gate if needed. 
  • Portability
    Pet gates made of lighter materials like acrylic, especially foldable ones, are better if you’re an on-the-go pet owner. These are great for families who like bringing their dogs on trips or vacations. Having a portable dog gate will also save you lots of car storage.
  • Lease
    If you are renting, carefully review your lease agreement with your landlord. Check if you have the right to install permanent fixtures or dog gates. If not, you may avail sturdy, freestanding pet gates that you can quickly place without using tools.
  • Door Width
    Dog gates are typically placed in doorways to separate your dogs from an area in your home. Therefore, measure the dimensions of your door to ensure that you are purchasing a pet gate that fits it. You can also use dog gates with extra panels or extended ones for more versatility.
  • Stairs
    If you’re aiming to place a pet gate near your stairs, ensure that the railings are vertical to avoid pets from climbing over. Make sure to pick permanently installed dog gates to avoid having your pets quickly knocking over them.
  • Outdoors
    Pets get bored when they are just stuck indoors. Hence, as pet owners, we take dogs out on a walk. If you have a raised deck or a patio, you can still allow your pets to roam freely outdoors while guarding – through pet gates. Pick those made of materials that won’t easily rust since they will be outdoors.
  • Other Pets
    Some have multiple pets – both cats and dogs. The relationship between these two might not start as friendly. So, to keep both pets safe and away from the fighting, install pet gates separating the areas where they can run around.
  • Look
    Some pet gates are made with materials like metal that don’t look pleasing. As homeowners, we value how our spaces look. We want to make it look coherent and in sync as much as possible. So, go with clear pet gates to ensure an uninterrupted design.


One of the best ways to show our love and care for our pets is to make them feel safe. Hence, providing spaces for them where they can be at ease is a good way of making them feel valued. Picking the right products and accessories for them can make that happen.

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