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For many years, Pedigree dog food has been used by many pet owners from all around the world. Today, we will do the Pedigree high protein review and share the other details of the company so you can easily decide whether it is good for your dog or not. So, if you haven’t tried it yet then read this article till the end!

Details about Pedigree Dog food:

is pedigree high protein good for dogs


In the 1930s, the Pedigree company (previously known as Chappie) started its journey. When Mars Limited bought it in 1935, its production line increased, and started gaining recognition for its high-quality pet food. It was already a well-known brand when its name, Chappie, was changed to Pedigree Petfoods Ltd. in 1972.

Many famous names like Nutro, Cesar, Greenies,  Royal Canin, and Sheba are owned by Mars. Many pet hospitals including the Banfield Pet Hospital, BluePearl Specialty and Emergency Pet Hospital, and VCA Animal Hospital are also owned by Mars. The company is working hard to become one of the best pet food companies. 

This privately owned company is headquartered in McLean, Virginia generating the annual review of US$45B. When Kal Kan Pet Food Company rose to fame for selling retired horses’ meat, Mars also acquired it and changed its name to Pedigree. Now, let’s see whether is pedigree high protein good for dogs or not!

About the Ingredients of Pedigree Dog Food:

For giving an honest Pedigree high protein review, it is important to have a knowledge of its ingredient quality so let’s have a look at them first. This dog food contains wholegrain cereals, but not so much for nutrition as it is because the cereal is thought to be the greatest for making pet food if one wants to avoid filling it up with urea.

The amount of carbohydrates added to this dog food is calculated to be 44% which is really high and not good for a dog’s health. Foods containing high amounts of carbs are considered of low quality because they increase insulin levels and cause obesity. These types of foods are low in protein, just like Pedigree Dog Food which contains only 23% of protein.

The excessive amounts of vitamins and minerals that are added to the pet food reduce the quality because they should be coming from whole food sources. The addition of amino acids is normal but when the quantity exceeds, it is considered low quality and cheap. Its addition depends on the source of protein.

While searching for the honest Pedigree high protein review, we also found out that this dog food contains food coloring which is quite bad for your dog’s health. Another thing about their ingredients that makes us suspicious is the unnamed animal ingredients. It is a sign of low-quality food because these ingredients could be made of rendered waste.

Is pedigree high protein good for dogs?

is pedigree high protein good for dogs


People are still thinking about whether is pedigree high protein good for dogs or not and if you are also the one then don’t worry because you will get your answer at the end of this heading. Many online sources are giving pedigree dog food low ratings, this rating looks justified because many customers shared their horrible experiences on different sites.

However, the positive reviews forced us to try this dog food as well. People are saying that their dogs prefer this one over brands. It has many essential minerals and vitamins including monocalcium phosphate, potassium iodide, potassium chloride, d-calcium pantothenate, and folic acid. Moreover, many customers are also praising it for its affordable price.

According to the negative reviews of Pedigree dog food, some people are complaining that their dogs got sick after having this food and many didn’t even like the taste. These are some of the common complaints about Pedigree dog food. Another complaint that we received is that this company uses corn which is hard to digest and mainly used as a filler as it is very inexpensive.

The ingredients used in this dog food including soybean meal, ground whole wheat, and gluten meal are the reason why many pet owners refuse to give it to their dog. It is because dogs find it hard to digest grain which leads to stomach issues. This is why many well-known dog food brands label their product as “grain-free”.

Our Pedigree high protein review is given after careful consideration of all the aspects. We are shocked to see the customer reviews which are mostly negative, given the fact that this company has been around for many decades and is popular worldwide but it failed to make its place in customer’s hearts.

Recalling history of Pedigree dog food:

The recalling history of any brand helps us to determine whether the brand is trustworthy or not so let’s have a look at Pedigree dog food recalling history below:

  • It is reported that this pet food has been recalled many times.
  • On 06/2012, it was again recalled for potential choking risk.
  • On 08/2014, it has been recalled for being suspected for the presence of foreign material.
  • This pet food was also recalled in 2008 for salmonella contamination.

Wrapping Up:

We hope that after reading our Pedigree high protein review, you now have a clear idea why you should and should add Pedigree to your dog’s diet. The high number of negative reviews about this old and popular brand left us astonished so we can’t suggest this one for your dog. You can also read our Cesar millan dog food review to ensure that you always use quality products so that your dog stays healthy.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is pedigree good or bad for dogs?

The use of this dog food for so long can deteriorate your dog’s health because its ingredients are not suitable for many dogs especially sensitive ones.

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