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This article is based on Only natural pet reviews so if you are unsure about this company then read the complete details. We will also share the authentic customer reviews and ratings of this company to help you decide whether is only natural pet a good dog food or not so let’s begin!

The Only Natural Pet company claims that each and every product is of high quality and vet-approved. To keep your pet healthy and happy, they do not sell any product without testing it and they work closely with the doctors to ensure that their customers get the best products or pet food. Let’s learn more about it!

Details about Only Natural Pet:

is only natural pet a good dog food


The Only Natural Pet allows pet owners to shop for everything in one place, they have a solution to every problem of your pet. They claim to use high-quality ingredients and utilize sustainability as they believe in creating a safe and enjoyable place for pets. 

This company was founded in 2002 in Boulder, Colorado, and with the aim of making pets happy and healthy with their products, the company has been working hard since then. Their products are not only good for pets but for our planet as well because they use environmentally friendly methods of packaging. 

The manufacturing is done in the US and this company is a certified B-corp and the first company in North America to get this certification for sustainability. Wind power is used in their processes and for shipments and orders, they use carbon-neutral shipping.

Now, let’s see if their claims are true or not with the help of Only Natural pet reviews shared online by customers.

What does Only Natural Pet Food have to offer?

The Only Natural Pet Food uses high-quality ingredients in the production of dog and cat food, their recipes are formulated to keep pets healthy. The Only Natural Pet food is the best source of protein for your pet that will improve the development and muscle function. 

If you want grain-free food for your dog then you can also get it from here. This company also has freeze-dried raw and kibble with raw nibs and the freeze-dried foods can easily be rehydrated to feed it as a wet food. This is a certified B-corp company that implies sustainable practices so that our planet also stays healthy. 

However, most of their recipes are grain-free and some pet owners are concerned about it as these recipes use legumes and potatoes that are linked to heart diseases in dogs

Only Natural Pet Reviews and Rating:

is only natural pet a good dog food


This company got mixed reviews but the positive ones are a little bit more than the negative ones. Most customers like their dry pet food but when they order online, they do not get timely delivery so it is better that you buy in person. People from different cities love that they have a wide range of products and all of them are of high quality.

However, people are complaining about their rude behavior, and according to some Only Natural pet reviews, the customers are complaining that when they ordered this pet food, the bag had 100% raw wild salmon instead of superfood bites. It was so disappointing and the customer service didn’t even respond nicely.

The Only Natural Pet company got a 3 out of 5-star rating for its services, 3.5 for its shipping and value, and 3.5 for returns and quality according to online sources.

Is Only Natural Pet a good dog food?

From the Only Natural pet reviews, we noticed that many customers are praising their dog food. The dogs love the taste of it and puppies are finding it easy to eat due to their kibble size which is perfect for their little mouth. 

The high-quality ingredients used in this dog food include lamb meal which is considered to have 300% more protein than fresh one, pea protein, peas which are great source of carbs and natural fiber, Garbanzo beans which are full of nutrition, lentils, and others.

So, if you want to try Only Natural Pet food for your dog then it might be a good option for you as it is high in protein, a wide range of recipes and textures are available, and many other options are available for dogs with food sensitivities. 

Moreover, this dog food also helps in the dog’s growth and helps in maintaining a healthy body weight. The nutrient-dense ingredients are everything that a pet owner would want from a brand. However, most of their recipes contain legumes and are grain-free so if your dog isn’t habitual of this type of diet then select the products cautiously. 

Wrapping Up:

We have shared all the available details of Only Natural Pet company including the Only Natural pet reviews to help you decide the best option for your dog. It is important to read the reviews of any dog food first before adding it to your dog’s diet and now you can easily determine what’s best for your dog after reading the above shared details.

This company also offers other pet products so you don’t have to go from shop to shop to buy pet-related things, which is quite beneficial. However, if you are still not sure about whether to use this dog food or not then you can also read the answer to another most asked question “Is Bil Jac a good dog food?”

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is the owner of only natural pet?

The owner of Only Natural Pet company is Martin F. Grosjean, Jr. where he is serving as a Chief Executive Officer. He also founded Life Harmony Energies.

Is only natural pet food a good brand?

The Only Natural pet food company received an above-average rating and is considered good and healthy as per many customer reviews.

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