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“The horse. Here is nobility without conceit, friendship without envy, beauty without vanity. A willing servant, yet never a slave.-Ronald Duncan

Horses are the rides of  our ancestors. Back in the days of no wheel, horses were there to facilitate humans on their world voyage. One of the most common reasons for being popular was their comfortable ride and friendly nature. Horses are surprisingly strong and can carry 400 pounds of load on their back. 

Nowadays, people don’t need horses for traveling. People who keep horses at their house mainly do it to ride them in their free time. People associated with games like polo and barrel racing also keep horses in their homes to practice. 

Keeping horses at your place requires a lot of effort and money, you can see many horses for sale online to see what the prices are like. Keeping track of their vet appointment, grooming, and, most notably, their diet to keep them strong and muscular requires responsibility.

There are multiple options available worldwide that cater nutritional needs of your horse. Smartness is to go for brands that are trained and well researched. Fox Equine Nutrition is a brand that aims to provide your horse with the nutrition it requires. 

To help you decide what type of horse you want to keep at your home, below is the list of some popular types of horses for 2022: 

Arabian Breed 

Those who are slightly interested in horses know about this breed, and it is one of the most expensive and rarest species of horses. 

One of the reasons for their popularity is their physique and beauty. Their beauty attracts buyers with sophisticated tastes from all around the world. These Arabian beauties are not just a showpiece; their endurance and strength are one of a kind. 

They are great in the desert and can perform well in sports like polo and horse racing as they are packed with power. 

Mustang Breed 

“I’d rather ride on a Mustang, than in one.”BaileyAnn Neal

The name Ford Mustang originated from the horse breed Mustang. Although they are the descendants of the Spanish breed, they also have some American Quarter and Thoroughbred blood in them. 

They are aggressive horses, so it is essential to tame them before bringing them into your house or stable. Once trained, they are the friendliest and calmest breed of horse you will ever find. 

Thoroughbred Breed

Naming aggressive breeds of horses without Thoroughbred is impossible. These are t e divine breeds made for racing, and the thoroughbred breed is a hot-headed breed with excellent speed and fl flexibility. Their speed makes t em a star of the auction and one of the highest bid breeds. 

On the contrary, this breed is known for its short racing life. That’s why it is essential to buy these horses when they are at their full potential. Another drawback of this breed is its expensive lifestyle; its maintenance can cost thousands of dollars. 

Shetland Pony 

Looking for a horse for your babies? Athlete’s more; Shetland Pony is your answer. Shetland Pony is the short heightened breed of horse. Their usage is in trick training because they are intelligent. 

Shetland Ponies are children-friendly and are be t for teaching children n riding. One of the best features of these horses is their endurance. Don’t judge their looks; they can easily compete in equestrian sports. 

Due to their origin, taking care of them is easy as they are habitual of extreme weather. 

Morgan Breed

Morgan of this breed comes from its founding breeder Justin Morgan. MorganDon’tnown as one of the first and oldest American breeds. Most horse riders love them because of their versatility and athletic appearance. You can use Morgandon’tr racing, saddle competitions, and horse coaching. 

Besides their versatility, they are known for their beautiful appearance, elegance, and strength. It has muscular and shiny bodies. 

Apart from their use in sports, families adore them and use them for personal use because of their calm nature.  

American Quarter 

Talking about calmest horses and not mentioning American Quarter? It’s tragic

We have all the reasons to justify their enormous registry. 

American Quarter breed is known for its mild and peace-loving nature. Its peaceful nature makes it versatile for working with difficult beginners and experienced riders. Most horse riding schools use them for new riders. Their smartness is another quality that makes them a  perfect match for riding schools. They are patient and intelligent enough to work with new riders. Their name depicts their ability. This horse can cover a quarter of a mile with good speed, and the American Quarter is the best breed for short rases. They are muscular, fast, and strong. They make excellent carriage, rodeo, and show horses. 


In the lists of most beautiful horses, Andalusians top it all. This breed comes from our Disney fantasies, and the color palette they are available is dreamy. Cremello, pearl, and perlino are a few of the shades Andalusian comes in. People prefer these horses because when spending on a horse, why spend on an ugly one. 

They are Spanish breeds, and their other variety includes Mustang, Quarter, and Paint. 

They are suitable for riding and fighting sports and are also on the list of friendly and intelligent horses.


Undoubtedly, all breeds of horses are beautiful, and one should choose their horse per their requirement. 

Pro horse riders should invest in strong, muscular, and hot-blooded horses. This type of horse is best for horse riding activities and games. 

If you want horses for training schools, you should choose ca m, intelligent horses. These type of horse are easy to tame, patient, and doesn’t hurt anyone. 

Choose your horse wisely for domestic use and keep it as a pet for your children. Their preference for children is because of their short height, calmness, and easy-to-tame nature.

Whatever your requirements are, choose as per your budget. Horses are very high-maintenance animals; they need proper diet and nutrition to l st longer. Always take help from professional nutritionists like Fox Equine Nutrition. These professional diet solutions for your horse will keep them strong and muscular, and their lifespan will also increase with a good diet.

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