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It is entirely possible for white cats to have blue eyes or eyes of another color. This is an exact quote from the Cat Fanciers Association, which provides a comprehensive response to the inquiry. To put it another way, according to the breed standards of both the CFA and the TICA, Maine Coons that are either all-white or parti-color can have blue or odd-colored eyes. 

blue eyed maine coon


The eye color of a cat may be green, gold, green-gold, or copper, with the exception of cats that have some white in their coats. Under the rules of this association, those are the only acceptable eye colors for Maine Coon cats. The same may be said for TICA. Whatsoever, here are all crucial details worth reading regarding a Maine coon with blue eyes

All One Needs to Learn About Maine Coon With Blue Eyes 

Eye hues ranging from green to copper to amber to gold to orange are the most frequently seen in Maine Coon cats. But what about those cats with blue eyes? Cats who have either an all-white coat or a partial-white coat frequently have blue eyes. Blue eyes are a genetic trait. Some of these cats might have peculiar eyes, such as having one eye colored blue and the other eye colored any of the colors listed above or another color entirely. 

The Cat Fanciers’ Association, also known as the CFA, has established that Maine Coons can have eyes that are either green, gold, copper, or green-gold in color. This is one of the breed standards. On the other hand, it is not unheard of to come across Maine Coons with eyes that are golden, yellow, or even orange in hue. In the vast majority of cases, the color of the eye does not correspond in any way to the color of the coat on a Maine Coon. The only cats that fall outside of this standard are white Maine Coons with blue eyes.

Is A Maine Coon With Blue Eyes Common Or Not? 

Only Maine Coons with either an all-white coat or a coat that has some white spots in it can have blue eyes, and those with weird eyes can only have eyes of an unusual shape. It is possible for white Maine Coons to have eyes that are green, amber, blue, orange, copper, or gold. The Sphynx, the Van, the Turkish Van, the Persian, the Oriental Shorthair, the Turkish Angora, the Japanese Bobtail, and the Maine Coon are just a few of the breeds that can have unusual eyes. 


Cats who have unusual eyes will have one eye that is blue, and the other eye will have a different color, such as green, brown, or yellow. The term “odd eye” refers to a variant of the medical disease known as “heterochromia,” in which the colors of the iris of each eye are different from one another. This syndrome has been documented in a variety of other animal species as well as in humans. There is also the possibility of partial heterochromia. In this case, one eye is blue while the other eye is blue to a lesser extent and also contains traces of another color. 

Blue Eyed Maine Coon: How Frequently Do Oddly Coloured Eyes Appear In Cats? 

Cats that are white in coat color are more likely to have unusual eyes due to the fact that the gene that causes a cat to have a white coat is also the gene responsible for heterochromia. This gene inhibits the pigment known as melanin from entering one of the kitten’s eyes while they are still developing, which is necessary for normal eye pigmentation. 

How often do you see a blue eyed Maine coon? At birth, an odd-eyed cat will have blue eyes on both of its eyes, just like any other newborn kitten would. However, as the kitten continues to mature and grow, one of its eyes will eventually change color. If you look very closely into the eyes of a young cat, you can see a change in hue, although this is not always the case. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is It Normal For Cats To Have Abnormally Coloured Eyes? 

Over the course of a few months, the unusual eye will shift to different hues as the cat matures. The unusual eye color, as in the case of a Maine coon with blue eyes, will remain constant once the cat reaches adulthood. 

Some people think that cats with unusual eyes are more conceivable to have at least one deaf ear. Odd-eyed cats have a great hearing in up to 70% of cases. Cats with normal eyes, however, have a 10 to 20% chance of either being born deaf or developing the condition as they age. 

What Sort of Eyes Do Maine Coons Possess? 

Wide-set, large eyes with an almond shape characterize Maine Coons. The eyes have an almond shape because they are placed high up and at an angle. However, when your Maine Coon focuses attentively on anything, the eyes almost appear spherical. 

The Maine coon with blue eyes has vertical slit pupils, just like other nocturnal mammals. Cats can see objects quite clearly, thanks to their pupils. In turn, this enables felines to determine their proximity to an object or prey with a considerable amount of accuracy. 

The Bottom Line  

A cat that carries the dominant white gene will be completely white, while a cat that carries the piebald or white spotting gene will be partially white. Both of these genes have the potential to change an individual’s eye color, turning either both eyes blue or only one eye blue while leaving the other eye, which is normally yellow. 

As the same genetic factor that determines the coat color is also responsible for determining the eye color, the breed standard for Maine Coon cats must make an exception for their ability to have blue eyes because of this genetic factor. 

It is significant to bring attention to the fact that white cats with one to two blue eyes, such as a Maine coon with blue eyes, have a higher risk of having genetic abnormalities that cause them to be deaf. This is due to the actuality that the gene that is responsible for these cats having white fur is also the gene that is responsible for the degeneration of the region of the ear known as the cochlea. 

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