Losing track of your furry friend, whether they’ve nestled deep in your sofa’s folds or dashed to a neighbor’s garden, can induce heart-pounding panic.

Training them to heed your call can be equally daunting, especially for rescue or young pups with unique temperaments.

Fortunately, the 21st century has gifted us with innovative dog trackers, easing both tracking and training worries.

Compact, sleek, and smart, these trackers not only help locate your dog swiftly but also come packed with features like beeper alerts, aiding in training. Let’s explore the world of dog trackers, focusing on those free from subscriptions and hidden costs.

Best Dog Trackers without Subscriptions

1. Sleepets AirPaw

Sleepets AirPaw
Best for Apple users: without subscription fee

Sleepets AirPaw is a cutting-edge pet tracking solution that combines advanced technology with user-friendly features.

Similar to Apple’s AirTag, this smart pet tracker tag integrates seamlessly with Apple Find My, allowing pet owners to locate their furry friends with precision and ease.

What sets AirPaw apart is its personalized touch – you can add your pet’s custom photo, name, and your phone number, ensuring quick and easy identification.

The tag also features a powerful speaker, 30% louder than AirTag, emitting sound at 80dB, enhancing visibility and audibility.

Additionally, there are no subscription fees, making it a cost-effective choice for pet owners. Moreover, AirPaw is built to last, being waterproof, scratch-resistant, and fade-resistant, ensuring durability even in challenging conditions.

2. Garmin

Best for Gundogs

Garmin’s radio frequency trackers provide reliable tracking for hunters and gundog owners. With a 6-mile range, high-sensitivity GPS, and an adventure-proof design, Garmin ensures your dog’s safety during outdoor escapades. Dynamic tracking and extended battery options enhance its usability.

3. Apple

Best for Ease of Use

AirTags, controversial yet popular, offer precise Bluetooth tracking. Affordable multi-pack options include waterproof collar holders. Ideal for well-trained dogs or puppies in training, AirTags ensure peace of mind without hidden costs.

4. Chipolo ONE

Chipolo ONE
Best for Android Users

Chipolo ONE, originally not designed for pets, adapts well for savvy dog parents. Ring it through the Chipolo app and receive alerts. While water-resistant and affordable, it suits short-range tracking, making it perfect for nearby adventures.

5. Whistle FIT

Whistle FIT
Best for Health Insights

Whistle FIT is a comprehensive health monitor that analyzes your dog’s behavior patterns, offering insights into their mood, rest, and activities.

It tracks changes in behavior, helping you detect potential health issues early. With customizable goals and benchmarks, this monitor encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Its user-friendly app provides detailed reports, empowering you to make informed decisions about your dog’s health.

Types of Dog Trackers

Types of Dog Trackers

1. GPS Dog Trackers

GPS trackers offer real-time tracking but often entail hidden subscription costs due to the SIM card technology powering them. These trackers excel in pinpointing your dog’s precise location, making them ideal for meticulous pet parents who demand accuracy.

2. Bluetooth Dog Trackers

Bluetooth trackers, a cost-effective alternative, connect effortlessly to your smartphone or tablet. They’re perfect for tracking your pup within short distances without incurring monthly fees. Easy setup and affordability make them popular among pet owners.

3. Radio Frequency Dog Trackers

Utilizing radio frequency, these trackers cater to hunters and gundog owners. Although they lack extensive range, they suit scenarios where dogs remain relatively close but might be obscured by dense foliage. These trackers ensure effective tracking in close proximity.


With these subscription-free dog trackers, pet parents can track their furry companions effectively without the worry of hidden charges. Choose the tracker that aligns with your needs, ensuring your dog’s safety while enhancing your peace of mind.

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