Do Bearded Dragons And Cats Get Along? (Answered & Explained)


We all know about the famous Tom & Jerry show, where the Cat & Mouse are rivals & occasionally develop a friendship. Have you ever heard about the friendship of bearded dragons and cats? It’s quite a surprising fact, but both of these creatures get along pretty well due to prime similarities between them.

Bearded dragons are one of the most popular reptiles in the lizard family. They are often referred to as beardies that the underside of their throat turns out black & puff which depicts a beard.

However, there are certain things to make sure of before you put both in the same place. This article will answer the question of do bearded dragons and cats get along, in a much more clear way.

Reasons of Why Do Bearded Dragons and Cats Get Along

Reasons of Why Do Bearded Dragons and Cats Get Along


If you are wishing to introduce a bearded dragon to your pet cat, then you must go through the below reasons why both creatures get along so well.

The Bearded Dragons Are Calm Creatures

As referenced before, bearded dragons are quiet, resigned, and well-disposed animals. Most love to nestle and invest energy with their proprietors.

What’s more, as one of the most agreeable reptiles, they are probably going to coexist with numerous different sorts of pets-as long as different creatures are polite.

It is uncommon that bearded dragons assault or nibble. And still, at the end of the day, their chomps are not harmful to people and most different creatures. On the impossible occasion that bearded dragon nibbles, wash the region with antibacterial cleanser and water to forestall contamination.

Cats Don’t Consider Bearded Dragons as Typical Preys

Nonetheless, not all felines are hunters, and bearded dragons are logical an animal your feline has never experienced. All things considered, they are probably going to be interested with regards to their new scaled kin, however, ideally won’t consider it to be prey.

Bearded dragons can run rapidly when they need to, however are normally quiet and move about moderately comfortably. If you present them gradually, your beardie won’t consider your feline to be a danger and will be less inclined to attempt to escape.

All things considered, you realize your feline best. Assuming your feline has a solid prey drive and shows indications of hostility when you initially acquaint him with the bearded dragons, it could be ideal to keep the creatures isolated.

They Are Friendly & Share Body Language

They Are Friendly & Share Body Language


The bearded dragon is among one of the more amicable reptiles. They are not known to show hostility or show negative practices, for example, gnawing. This makes them an incredible novice reptile; as they are nice and surprisingly tempered.

The cat is additionally really cordial towards its proprietors. Generally speaking, both these associates can be amicable when raised and mingled appropriately.

Cats and bearded dragons are probably going to get along, and they should make it simple for you to determine what they think about one another.

On the off chance that your beardie waves its arms or puffs up its facial hair, these are signs that it feels compromised.

In the wild, bearded dragons can be forceful toward each other. Yet, in bondage and when not housed with different reptiles, they will be amicable and sweet. It will be not difficult to see any critical conduct changes when your cat is near.

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They Both Are Naturally Good Friends Because of Their Tolerance

The bearded dragon can be depicted as a serene creature, and they are known to coexist well with different creatures in the family.

The cat is sassier than tranquil. They might show a disposition towards new companions. All things considered, they figure out how to show resilience. For instance: Growing resilience towards a new and excessively invigorated pup.

The feline may not adore the slobbering pup however after some time they figure out how to acknowledge this new part and be open-minded toward them.

Steps To Bring Both Animals to Know Each Other

Despite the commonalities both creatures have, the cat is termed as a ferocious creature as compared to the bearded dragon which is a very quiet & small animal. Follow the below steps to successfully bring both animals together without much difficulty.

Stage 1: Purchase from a Known Person

Make certain to track down a respectable and dependable reproducer when buying your bearded dragon. A decent raiser will guarantee that your bearded dragon is taken care of and treated right. Manhandled creatures might be inclined to unfortunate or forceful practices.

Stage 2: Two People for Two Creatures

We suggest this as a two-man work. One individual has control of the Beardie and the other has to command over the cat. Be careful about your creature’s practices and expressive gestures around each other.

Look out for indications of hostility during communications. Watching out for your creatures empowers you to respond rapidly to any surprising forceful propensities or instinctual practices.

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Stage 3: Show Some Patience

Take things slowly so they can find out about each other. It requires some investment! Both your bearded dragon and cats expect time to sort out if the other is a “companion” or “adversary”. Let them both feel good and figure out how to acknowledge each other. Permit your pets to sniff and research the other. Change periods are ordinary with all pets.

Stage 4: Always Have an Eye on Them

In any event, when you are certain with your bearded dragon and your cat together; we suggest oversight consistently. The unforeseen may happen when you wouldn’t dare hope anymore it is certainly preferable to be protected over being heartbroken.

A Few Final Words & Last Verdict

A Few Final Words & Last Verdict


Despite that both creatures have a high chance of getting along, the odds might go against it as well. Hence, it is better to always have your pets under your supervision & care. Comment down below your views regarded the belongingness of bearded dragons and cats.

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