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“If you don’t have a dog—at least once—there is not necessarily anything wrong with you, but there may be something wrong with your life.”- Vincent van Gogh.

Having a dog in your life is like never facing a dull moment. These angelic creatures of God give you nothing but love and warmth, and don’t expect anything in return. As their caretaker, we must take care of their needs. 

One way to take care of them is to take their grooming seriously. Dogs of every breed have a particular need for grooming. Their grooming needs are not just for their beauty, but it is also essential for their health. 

Grooming a dog includes caring for their fur, nails, digestive health, behaviour, and training. Regarding your fur buddy, you should only trust people known to care for them with love and maintenance, such as Casa Canine.

Here are some points to understand why grooming your dog is essential for their health and wellbeing: 

No Parasitic Growth 

Having a dog in your house means having parasitic visitors. The fur coat of dogs can become a home for fleas and ticks, and it causes health problems. Ticks and fleas suck the blood out of your dog’s body and give them serious health issues. 

These bugs can be controlled by regularly grooming your dog. Vets can help you deworm them from your body. Once you identify the eggs on your fur friend’s body, they can remove them. Talk to your vet; he will guide you through the process. 

You Can Avoid Shedding and Matting Fur

Shedding is a big issue for your furry pet. Dog hair tends to shed more if its grooming needs are unmet. Regular bathing and cutting keep their fur coat clean and help control shedding. 

Fur grooming is also essential to avoid skin problems like hot spots. A maintained fur coat is a way to healthy and beautiful dogs. 

Another problem with dog fur is it can get matted or tangled quickly, and Matted fur is also home to fleas and ticks. Regularly detangling your dog’s hair and brushing them is a great way to avoid matted fur and is also helpful in making them comfortable around you. Regularly brushing the dog’s fur coat will remove dead skin cells, comfort them and promotes the growth of natural oils that will make their hair shiny. 

Paws Are Important

Talking about grooming and forgetting the paws of your fur buddy is a sin. Paws are the most critical part of a dog’s body; if not taken seriously, these paws can create serious bone issues for your dog. Regular nail trimming is essential to protect your dogs from infections and arthritis. 

Keeping your dog’s nails untrimmed for a long time can make them grow into the foot pad, which is extremely painful for your pet. If you do not get proper nail trim regularly, your dog will start walking on its paws, which will lead to arthritis and deformation of bones. 

Do Not Ignore Dental Health 

Dental health is an issue that is the most ignored when it comes to dogs. We know all about taking care of their nails, digestion, and fur coat but have no idea how to take care of their teeth. That’s why it is essential to get your dog’s oral check-up done once in a few weeks. 

Don’t wait for a dental emergency to visit an oral hygiene specialist; if your dog’s breath is stinkier than usual, it is a sign to get it checked. Fetid breath, unchewed food, and engulfing his food as a whole are some signs of dental discomfort. 

Regular brushing is a way to prevent dental issues. Dental issues can lead to irritating behaviour, poor appetite, and weight fluctuations. You can avoid these problems just by taking care of your dog’s oral health. 

Temperature Control 

Your residence’s surroundings and weather are essential when considering your dog grooming. If you live in a cold climatic region, your dog’s grooming is easy to follow. But it is harder for people living in a hot climatic area to ignore their dog’s grooming session. 

If your dog is not clean and has excessive hair build-up on the coat, it is more likely to get irritated often. Dead skin build-up can cause tickling and is terrible for a dog’s skin. Bathing your dog regularly, brushing its fur, and trimming its hair can help maintain its body temperature. Lower body temperature allows your dog to play carelessly and keep it in a good mood. 

Under Controlled Expenditure

Regular grooming is not costly, and it is the way to prevent your dog from long-term illnesses and painful procedures. Getting their nails done can prevent arthritis, and timely fur grooming can prevent them from bugs and skin issues; and the same way, you can avoid many other diseases just by paying attention. 

To avoid lengthy, painful and expensive procedures, investing in regular trimming is essential and freeing yourself and your dog from future costly problems. 

To Summarize 

Getting a dog is a beautiful experience but comes with great responsibility. These cute furry babies are your responsibility, and you should take care of their grooming needs. 

Grooming not only helps them live peacefully but also helps them socialise with other pets. If a dog is clean and happy other people around it will become automatically happy and cheerfully. 

Contacting a responsible and caring groomer is also very important; grooming services like Casa Canine should be your standard for your dog. Services like these not only groom your dog but also helps you understand their behaviour and what comforts them. 

When you bring a puppy to your place, the first thought is to spread positivity and happiness all over your house. That happiness and positivity can only be maintained when your dog is safe and healthy. Being a responsible pet owner is a quality you should adopt the first day you bring a furry friend to your house.

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