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If you are a cat parent, I am willing to bet that more than 90% of your phone’s camera roll is full of your cat’s pictures. Why keep these pictures to yourself? Show the world how funny, adorable, stupid, cute, scary, and loving your pet is. You can do this for a lot of reasons be it ‘just for fun or to actually earn from these pictures and videos. Here is all you need to know about making a social media account for your cat.

Choose the right social media platform

As far as I am concerned I have associated different social media platforms with different things. If it’s for work I know where to go, if it’s for education, I know which app to open, for fun? I know which site. choose the right social media platform and you will easily find your target customer.

Post great pictures

Give your followers what they really want – the pictures of your cat. Resist any urge to post photos that don’t contain paws and whiskers or fur and fluff. I am sure you have a zillion pictures of your cat but post only the pictures which are of high quality. Avoid editing the pictures too much and your content will attract people to your cat’s account.

Time your posts

Post often but not too often. Ideally, the maximum you should post is one picture or video a day combined with maybe two stories or status updates. A good rule to follow is to take a gap of at least a few hours between your posts so as to not annoy your followers with all you in their feed. on the other hand, if you do not post enough you risk being forgotten or unfollowed.

Have conversations

I know it is very hard to reply to every comment but take time out for this. Let the conversations flow. If someone has posted a comment on your pictures, let them know that opinions matter and that they are being heard.

It is not just great for engagement but this is also a good way to make connections and expand your network. Talk about things related to your pet, and help your followers find pet boarding in Bangalore or other relevant locations.

Let the personality talk

is your cat grumpy, high maintenance, stupid, or a pampered princess? let her/his personality talk on the account. try new things but never force your pet to do anything that might hurt them or make them uncomfortable. Groom your cat today by finding a reliable groomer – just search for pet grooming near me.

Give your pets enough rest and do not overdo anything. Use hashtags, write catchy captions, have a small but great bio and you are all set to show off your purr-fect pooch. Be patient and follow the guidelines of the social media platform, and surely you will have a huge number of satisfied and happy followers.


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