Purina Bella Dog Food reviews

Purina Bella claims to be the best dog food company that meets the daily nutritional requirements of dogs. So, today we will take a close look at this pet food company to find out if they are telling the truth or not. We will also share the Purina Bella Dog Food reviews to help you decide whether you should go for it or not so keep reading till the end!

Purina Bella Dog Food has both wet and dry pet food products that are grain-free and have different flavors. It is a well-known brand trusted by many pet owners but the rumors are that it is only good for some dog breeds and doesn’t suit some dogs.

To find out the truth about this company or to know the answer to the most asked question “Is Purina Bella wet food good for dogs?” Stay connected so that you will have all the information about Purina Bella before switching to this pet food company.

Details about Purina Bella Dog Food Company: 

 is purina bella wet food good for dogs

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Purina Bella is a manufacturer of well-known and tasty dog food and it is owned by the big name, Nestlé. Their pet food is made in the US and they own the factories where the dog food is processed. It is a good point to see that they do not trust third parties with the production and many customers are appreciating it.

This company focuses on smaller canines and their serving size is also small. It offers both wet and dry dog food formulas so that pet owners can easily buy according to the requirements of their dogs.  As the company says that its dog food is specially formulated for small dogs, we are still unsure about this statement.

Not all but most of their recipes are grain-free and do not contain artificial flavors or preservatives. Many of their recipes use meat as their first ingredient, however, the quality of the ingredients will be discussed later. We’ll also have a look at if is Bella dry dog food discontinued or not. Let’s find the truth!

Is Purina Bella wet food good for dogs?

 is purina bella wet food good for dogs

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Both wet and dry Purina Bella dog food are a good option but the small kibble size of its dry food will be easy to eat for your dog. Their wide range of specifically formulated products is of good quality and is commonly recommended. Both dry and wet food are good options, the only difference is their texture.

This dog food is considered good for many dog breeds including Boston Terriers, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, and other similar ones. The small digestive systems of the little ones easily digest this food and get complete daily nutrition as well. Purina Bella Dog Food reviews will help us more in finding out the answer to this question.

About the Ingredients of Purina Bella Dog Food:

The quality of their ingredients has raised concerns among pet owners but not all of their products are of low quality. Many problems regarding their meat by-products, especially those that are unnamed have stopped many owners from buying this dog food.

The unknown sources of by-product is a thing that every pet owner should consider. If it is coming from beef or chicken then it is fine but you have to keep an eye on it. Soybean meal and corn gluten meal are also included in their recipes which is not considered good for dogs.

Purina Bella Dog Food reviews:

The pet owners are happy and surprised at the same time because their dogs not only like the taste of it but also crave more. Many positive reviews indicate that their picky dogs loved its flavor and the small size really helps in finishing the food fast without causing any stomach issues. It is also true that some dogs prefer wet foods over dry ones. 

According to most Purina Bella Dog Food reviews, the customers are sharing their experiences regarding dry dog food which means it is mostly loved by dogs even though their wet food is also tasty. Some recipes are more nutrition-dense than others which means you should choose their products wisely. 

Purina Bella Dog Food Recall History:

There are no records available regarding their dog food recalls, however, the company “Purina” had some recalls. It is important to note that big companies can make mistakes but those who work on them and come up better than before can be trusted.

Without engaging the FDA, the company recognized the issue and recalled its products. This is the brand of pet food that is frequently suggested, and it appears to be safe.

Is Bella dry dog food discontinued?

It was reported that all the products of Bella dog food including the Bella Dry Dog Food, Bella Paté with Vegetables Wet Dog Food, Bella Paté Wet Dog Food, Bella Morsels in Sauce, and Bella True Delights will be discontinued from January 2023.

However, you can also try other Purina products including the Beneful IncrediBites which offers delicious and unique taste, and many other recipes for small dogs.

Final Verdict:

We have shared all the details regarding Purina Bella dog food including the Purina Bella Dog Food reviews so that you can easily decide whether you should add it to your dog’s diet or not. The Bella dry food is now unavailable because of its discontinuation. You can also read about can dogs eat xanthan gum or not to have a better understanding of what you should and shouldn’t give to your dog. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Bella dog food healthy for dogs?

The Purina Bella dog food offers unique and tasty recipes and the dogs really love it as per the online reviews but we can’t say this is healthy because of its lower rating.

Is Purina discontinuing Bella dog food?

According to reports, the Bella dog food was set to be discontinued after January 2023.

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