muzzle to stop dog barking at night

If you are a pet owner and your dog barks a lot at night then this article is for you because we will talk about a product named muzzle to stop dog barking at night. People like you who think of using a muzzle for their dog are not sure about its effectiveness. So, what do you think “will a muzzle stop a dog barking?” Read this article till the end to know all the details!

There are many reasons that Muzzle is not a good choice when it comes to reducing dog barking, it can be used for aggressive dogs who bite to protect people around but not for barking dogs. The main cause of not using a muzzle to stop dog barking at night is that it causes stress and discomfort in dogs and you don’t want that for your dog.

Moreover, Muzzle is not very effective in stopping dogs from barking at night, It can also bring harm to your dog and impacts negatively on your dog’s behavior. Anyhow, let’s have a close look at the effectiveness of the muzzle to stop dog barking at night.

Will a muzzle stop a dog barking?

A muzzle is not considered the best product for stopping your dog from barking as it causes a lot of discomfort for your dog. Moreover, it is one of the most ineffective approaches that jeopardize the health of your dog. You can’t leave it on your dog for too long because it makes it very difficult for him to eat or drink and will make your dog furious.

will a muzzle stop a dog barking


Do you know that dogs release heat from their mouth? If you use a muzzle to stop dog barking at night, he would find it very difficult to do that. In the summertime, he might experience cardiac arrest, heat stroke, or exhaustion as a result. 

Not only this, but a muzzle can also be responsible for many other health concerns for your dog including Nausea, vomiting, Pain, discomfort around the jaw, Difficulty breathing, Stress,  anxiety, etc.

Furthermore, it is so hard to find the right size of muzzle for your dog. The loose one won’t work and the tight one will cause him pain so it has to be the perfect one in which your dog can pant a little bit. But even if you are able to find the perfect size, there is no denying that it is a bad idea to use a muzzle to stop dog barking at night.

When to use a muzzle for a dog?

You can use a muzzle if your dog bites a lot, snarls in front of your guests, or is very aggressive but don’t leave it on for too long. In this condition, using a muzzle is a good idea because it reduces the danger of any mishap. You can make him wear it while you are taking him for a walk in a public place like a park. 

If you just became a dog owner then it is possible that your dog barks a lot, especially in front of anyone that he sees for the first time but in this case, if you use a muzzle to stop dog barking at night, it won’t do any good to him. It might be useful for you but not for his health. So, you should only use it only on aggressive dogs for a short time.

Things you can do to stop dog barking at night:

muzzle to stop dog barking at night

Now that you know using a muzzle to stop dog barking at night is a bad idea and it is ineffective and causes harm to your dog’s health, let’s talk about its alternatives:

  • If you want to stop your dog from barking a lot at night, do something that will use his energy like exercise. Make him stay active all day so he won’t have the energy left for excessive barking at night. 
  • Increase his playtime and walking hours so he will use his energy there.
  • Arrange something for the entertainment of your dog, this shouldn’t include walking and exercise, try to engage him in other activities as well. It will improve the mental and physical health of your dog.
  • You can buy him some dog toys to keep him occupied so he won’t bark without any reason.
  • If still he is barking a lot then try to stop him gently or teach him a word so he will stop when you say ‘STOP’ or ‘QUIET’.
  • For new dog owners, it is so exhausting and it is very hard to train dogs, it will take time but everything will be alright with time.
  • You can also try teaching him to stay quiet by giving him his favorite treat when he listens to you and acts accordingly. He will understand that if he listens to you he will be rewarded so your dog will start behaving. 
  • You can try the above thing but don’t use a muzzle to stop dog barking at night.

Wrapping Up:

Using a muzzle to stop dog barking at night is not a good idea as it poses danger to your dog’s health. It is useful for aggressive dogs but you should use it only for a short period of time. Using a muzzle for long hours causes stress and discomfort to your dog so instead of using it try other alternatives that we shared above in this article. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I put a muzzle on my dog to stop barking at night?

Muzzles are not a good choice to stop barking at night, especially for his health, however, you can use them for aggressive dogs to prevent biting.

How do I get my dog to stop barking overnight?

You can engage your dog in other activities like buying him toys. Increase his walking time and provide him with a comfortable place to sleep.

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