is meow mix good for cats

Is Meow Mix good for cats? Should you trust it with your cat’s health? Does it contain healthy ingredients? To know all the answers to your queries about this brand, read our Meow Mix cat food review till the end.

Since 1974, Meow Mix has been around and providing top-quality pet food as per its claims. Their dry products are manufactured in Decatur, Alabama, and wet products in Thailand. However, there is no information available regarding its sources which is not a good sign. Let’s learn more about this company and its products!

Details about Meow Mix Pet Food Company:

Details about Meow Mix Pet Food Company


The history of Meow Mix Pet Food company is quite interesting, it was first owned by Ralston Purina Company which is now called Nestlé-Purina. Then for the next four decades, it was sold many times but despite this, the quality of its pet food has never been compromised by any of its owners.

First, it was bought by Del Monte Foods (owner of  Big Heart Pet Brands) who then sold it to Cypress Group and then again got it back from this firm. Then in 2015, when J.M. Smucker company purchased Big Heart Pet Brands, Meow Mix was acquired by this company. 

The tagline of this company “the food cats ask for by name” is very attractive and its products are easily available in stores all around the world. Keep reading this Meow Mix cat food review to know more details about the quality of this pet food.

Pros of Meow Mix Cat Food:

Read the good points of this pet food to know why is Meow Mix good for cats:

  • This pet food is affordable and can be bought easily from any nearest store.
  • It has balanced nutrition to make sure your cat gets the complete nutritional value on a daily basis.
  • It contains all the essential vitamins and minerals required for a cat to stay healthy.
  • The seafood-based or poultry-based products have bite-sized portions which makes it really easy to feed cats.
  • The flavor is too good.
  • The quality of ingredients can be trusted.

Cons of Meow Mix Cat Food:

Now that you know all the good things about this cat food, read its cons below to have a better understanding:

  • This pet food is not available in a grain-free formula.
  • It contains high levels of carbs and fat.
  • The added artificial colors and flavors are not considered good for the cat’s health.

Recall History of Meow Mix:

This pet food has never been recalled but according to a study report by a consumer advocacy group published in 2015, Meow Mix was among the eight pet foods that were found contaminated. 

The news of high amounts of mycotoxin mold contamination in Meow Mix Tender Centers was quite shocking as it is considered highly risky. Its consumption can lead to various other diseases including chronic suppression of the immune system, kidney and liver toxicity, and cancer.

Meow Mix Cat Food Reviews:

It is important to have a look at customer reviews to have a clear idea about whether is Meow Mix good for cats or not. According to the positive reviews we found on different platforms, many customers believe that it is an affordable pet food brand and could be a good option for owners who are on a tight budget.

This company has different products for cats of different ages which makes it a good pick for those who are owners of multiple cats. Many buyers are claiming that they have been using this pet food for more than 10 years and haven’t seen any bad changes in their pet’s health. Most customers are happy with this cat food and recommend it to others.

However, some negative reviews of Meow Mix are also concerning. People who had bad experiences with this pet food brand include the deterioration of their cat’s health. There must be other factors included so we can’t entirely blame this company. According to some of its dry food reviews, people are furious because it made their cats vomit.

Moreover, some pet owners are claiming that they found little pieces of bones while feeding this food to their cats which is quite disappointing for them. They do not like the quality of their wet food and also complain about the fillers and dyes used in it. In short, we got mixed reviews. Now, let’s move forward in our Meow Mix cat food review.

Is Meow Mix good for cats?

The Meow Mix is considered good for cats due to many reasons as provided above, it uses quality ingredients and is quite affordable. It has a high fat and carb content which is not good for some cats so you shouldn’t give it to your cat on a daily basis.

The protein added to this pet food comes from average quality sources but it is also true that some people are happy with this cat food as their cats prefer this one over other brands.

Wrapping Up:

To provide you with an honest Meow Mix cat food review, we have added all the authentic information about this pet food company including its customer reviews to help you decide whether you should feed it to your cat or not. 

We hope now you have a clear idea about it, if you are still confused then check out Petite Cuisine cat food reviews, which is also considered a good pet food brand.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is meow mix good for cat?

Well, this cat food is not a bad choice for your cat if you are tight on budget. However, there are other better options available.

How much Meow Mix should a cat eat a day?

Read the feeding guidelines before feeding Meow Mix to your cat, the daily required amount depends on the weight of the cat. For 5-9 lb, you can feed 1/2 to 1 cup daily and for 10-14 lb., you should feed 1 to 1-1/2 cups daily.

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