Indulge your precious cat with a wireless cat water fountain

Pearl, a jovial cat, and Lana, her admirer will explain to you how the science behind a battery operated cat water fountain works.

Pet parents across cultures treat their pets like their own children. When it comes to meeting their needs they leave no stone unturned to provide every single comfort available under the sun for them. Pets are family members and should be treated as one always providing them medical care, affection, and a nurturing environment is the moral responsibility of any Pet lover.

As we are updating our lives with several new devices we have to make sure we get our pet’s best products which are essential for them present in the market. A wireless cat water fountain is essential in every domestic cat’s life today. 

Pearl the pampered kitty

There lived a cat named Pearl in a downtown area of the city. Pearl resided in an ice cream parlor as its owner had an ice cream store in town. The shop was named after Pearl “Pearl Ice cream parlor” There were many visitors who visited and adored this cute little precious pearl. She was the most pampered kitty and the most important member of the parlor. 

Since the ice cream parlor had a great footfall, most of the time the owner of the parlor was occupied. Pearl’s eating and drinking routine started to get neglected. This made the owner worry. One fine day Lana, a regular customer noticed Pearl was a little lazy; Pearl was unwell and was taken to a doctor immediately.

The doctor diagnosed a stomach infection due to poor water consumption.  Lana inspected the water and food bowls of pearl. The water bowl was untouched and motionless with hair and other impurities in it. The bowl was visibly unclean and smelly. Lana immediately ordered Uahpet’s Battery operated cat water fountain for Pearl. 

Let us understand the science behind cat water fountains.

Let us understand the science behind cat water fountains. 

Cat water fountains have many benefits over old conventional water bowls.

The science behind this is very interesting to understand. Since it is a fact that cats are not very fond of drinking water as they hail from Egypt a desert atmosphere, which naturally makes them less thirsty, but that doesn’t mean cats’ water-consuming habits should be neglected. Most of the time when Cat’s parents forget to change the water from the cat’s water bowl the water starts to be smelly and stagnant for the cats to drink. The science behind the Cat water fountain is making sure that the water flows constantly, making it more appetizing and fresh.

The flowing water effect makes water stay fresh for hours, it is passed through several filters to make sure the impurities are filtered out. The waterfall effect is created through sound and gentle water flow that allures cats towards them. Some of the scientific reasons behind cats’ preference for running water over motionless water are.

  • Boosts Hydration:- Cat water fountains create a waterfall effect. Cats are very choosy when it comes to drinking water, and mostly don’t consume enough water to stay hydrated. The waterfall effect of a cat water fountain entices cats and can allure them to drink enough water to stay hydrated.
  • Good for cats’ mental health:–  A cat wireless cat water fountain can ultimately be beneficial for your cat’s mental health. It gives a very soothing waterfall effect which stimulates and engages cats keeping them mentally and physically active.

Primitive behavior

  • Primitive behavior: –   Several waterborne diseases occur in stagnant, motionless water due to bacteria being bred in them. In primitive days cats that lived in the jungles and the wild had this basic instinct to consider flowing water to be fresh. Cats are naturally drawn towards the flowing water as it is not contaminated naturally.
  • Oxygenated taste:-   The continuous movement of water in a cat water fountain makes it fresh and has more oxygen content as compared to still water. Fresh oxygenated water tastes good and also encourages cats to drink more water.
  • Lightens the whiskers:- When a cat dips its mouth in shallow and deep water bowls it usually stresses its whiskers as they get soaked deeply in water. The gentle flow of the cat water fountain ensures that the whiskers are not dipped and soaked excessively, leaving your cat relaxed and comfortable.
  • Preventing stagnant water: – Flowing water in a cat water fountain helps prevent the breeding of bacteria and other microorganisms which may lead to several health issues in your cat. Moving water reduces the risk of contamination in water. Improved water quality is essential for preventing any health issues in your cat’s life.
  • Sensory enhancement: –   Battery operated cat water fountains have pumps installed in them. When the water is circulated throughout the device it ensures that the flowing water effect attracts the cats towards it. Running water engages cats’ attention, and makes them curious naturally as they watch and play around the cat water filter it enriches its senses. This whole act of curiosity makes them dip their mouth frequently in the cat water fountain and makes them drink more water than usual.

So it is concluded as a responsible cat lover Lana took the right decision at the right time. After ordering a battery operated Cat water fountain for Pearl she patiently introduced Pearl to the water fountain, Pearl had a very inquisitive persona, she used to meet a lot of people daily which made her more flexible to adapt to changes.

Pearl didn’t take much time to get familiar with wireless cat water fountains. The battery operated cat water fountain was easily movable and could be located anywhere in the ice cream parlor. The water fountain had filters that filtered out all the impurities, dirt, hair, and debris from the water making it uncontaminated to bacteria and other microorganisms which could cause severe infections.

The cat water fountain also had a very soothing waterfall effect with a gentle water flow leaving Pearl’s whiskers unaffected. Pearl’s water intake increased tremendously and she got more playful and active than earlier.  It was clear that the cat water fountain also impacted Pearl’s mental health positively. 

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