do cats get depressed after abortion

Do cats get depressed after abortion? What do you think? Mood swings, stress, depression, not only humans experience these symptoms but cats and other animals too. Cat behavior after abortion changes just like humans, when they go through such traumatic events like abortion, they also experience mood swings and depression.

Some cats also become less active and feel no energy even to move, so if you were wondering do cats get depressed after abortion, the answer is yes, but not all cats feel the same, some may go back to their normal activities. You must be thinking about the reason behind this condition in cats so keep reading to find out all the details!

Do cats get depressed after abortion?

cat behavior after abortion


Yes, some cats experience depression after abortion. Animals also have feelings like sadness, happiness, anxiousness, and others. It is not easy for cats to lose kittens, they become sad and fearful. Moreover, the intensity of depression depends on the type of abortion in cats.

The planned one is when you go to the doctor to have kittens removed from a cat’s uterus because her life is in jeopardy and you know her medical history. Another one results in the cats having stillbirths, much like a miscarriage.

What are the Complications in pregnant Cats?

Pregnant cats might experience some complications and diseases including bacterial infections, viral infections, and reproductive ones. Some owners try to spay a cat to get rid of these symptoms but you must know that this procedure is hazardous for your cat.

The cats can also get affected by Eclampsia which is a condition caused by the deficiency of calcium. You should consult the vet and provide supplements to the cat to prevent any risks. There are many other types of complications so you should keep checking on her.

Why do cats get depressed after abortion?

When cats go through such events, they are unable to understand what happened to them so the cat behavior after abortion is changed due to this reason. Some cats go back to their normal but some get depressed and some even stop eating and going out for specific time periods.

Moreover, the physical change in a cat’s body causes stress and if the cat loses her kittens during spaying then it puts double trouble on her mind leading the cat into depression. The recovery time is also hard for cats as they experience a lot of bleeding and discharge. 

Just like humans, the hormones in cats also act abnormally so the hormonal changes after abortion affect the mood of cats resulting in depression and stress. So now you know the answer to ‘do cats get depressed after abortion’ and the reason behind it, keep reading to know how would you know what your cat is going through.

How to know if the cat is depressed after abortion?

cat behavior after abortion

Although it’s common for cats to mourn following an abortion, some cats may need more time. Cat depression is not the same as human depression; they are not the same. If you notice signs like altered litter-box behaviours, loss of appetite, increased hiding and sleeping, unprovoked aggression, or excessive vocalization, your cat may be suffering from depression.

You have to give special attention and care to your cat during this period, help her to get out of this condition, and go to the vet regularly for checkups. Read more on do cats get depressed after abortion in the next heading to know how you can take care of your cat during this time.

How to handle cats when they get depressed after abortion?

If your cat does not go back to normal after so many days, then you should see the vet who will take care of her behavioral changes. Sometimes, the psychological problems of cats require special attention, the vet might give anti-depressive drugs to help her out of this condition.

You can try spending more time with her and engaging your cat in different activities. Talk to her and make her feel that you are around her and take care of her. These animals have instincts and they can feel how are they being treated.

Do the cats get physically weak after an abortion?

When talking about ‘Do cats get depressed after abortion?’, you should know that not only mentally, but cats also get affected physically due to abortion. The cat suddenly started to feel low and lacked energy, however, it is totally normal and the weakness goes away after some time, if not then you should take her to the doctor. 

The weakness and depression in cats after an abortion usually go away after a few weeks, meanwhile, you have to give her extra attention and care so that she can get out of this phase quickly. Know that this does not happen to all cats, some are strong enough to get past the situation without even you knowing. 

Wrapping Up:

We have provided a detailed answer to the question ‘do cats get depressed after abortion’ above, and we have also shared how you can know the condition of your cat and how you can take care of her in this condition. We hope that you found this article informational and interesting at the same time, share your valuable thoughts below in the comments section!

Frequently Asked Questions:

What happens to a cat after abortion?

Unusual vaginal bleeding and discharge can occasionally occur, making cats uncomfortable. Additionally, bacterial diseases might occur, so if you own a cat, you should take good care of it and look out for any abnormalities.

Can cats get depressed after miscarriage?

Normally, cats get back to normal after a miscarriage but in some cases, cats respond emotionally as they are unable to understand what just happened. Due to all this confusion, some cats may get depressed.

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