Huge Sign Of Dog Obsession

Your behavior, your perception, and your actions take different shifts as per the situations, which don’t change you but reveal you. Speaking of pet obsession, firstly, it isn’t problematic. However, you’ve got to draw a line somewhere to keep that relationship healthy and sustainable.

Being surrounded by a pet is the most joyful feeling in the world. Because pets give you the most heart-warming reception and always listen to your heart. However, problems arise when you stop taking advice from other pet owners. That’s when a pet parent turns cynical and stops thinking rationally. 

Learning to be a better pet parent is a life-long journey. You’ve got to update your knowledge and learn from others’ mistakes at every point. For you, we’ve created a list of six signs that’ll show you whether you’re pet obsessed or not.  

Has Your Pet Become Your Companion? 

Travel is a fun activity. And it’s uplifting when you’re with your best buddies. However, every time you envision your adventure journey, you purposely keep your pet in the picture. Because in their absence, you won’t get kicks despite being surrounded by your favorite folks. Oftentimes, you search for places—historical monuments, adventure spots, and camping groups that permit dogs on their journey. If you consider your pet more like a human, it’s more likely that you’re highly obsessed with your pet. 

Isn’t It Hard To Say Goodbye?

Huge Sign Of Dog Obsession

Does your heart break at each goodbye? If so, you aren’t obsessed but deeply in love with them. Thinking of them isn’t detrimental until you start to overanalyze situations; that leads to negative thinking, which certainly affects your and your pet’s mental health. If you have started feeling insecure of late, even after leaving your pet with trustworthy people, it’s more likely that you’ve become obsessed with your four-legged friend. 

Are You A Fan Of Your Pet?

Have you started friend zoning every person lately? If so, you’re deeply attached to your pet. Wherever you travel, whatever you buy, it has to have your pet in it. For instance, you capture more moments with your pet than with your significant other. You have your dog on your favorite wall, your mobile cover, desktop screen, or wallpaper. This shows you’ve become highly obsessed with their cuteness, fluffiness, and innocent eyes. And you don’t miss a moment to show how much you adore your pet. 

Is Your Life Revolving Around Your Pet Schedule?

When your friends and family invite you on any given day, do you think twice before saying yes to them? If so, it shows you’re more interested in your pet’s schedule than others. It’s essential to have your pet checked with a vet regularly or taken out for an evening walk. However, if you have started ditching family gatherings, friends’ meetups, and interaction, it’s more likely that you’re in trouble. As a pet parent, you have to keep things balanced and also be a part of an environment that values your presence.

Do You Keep Sending Your Dog’s Photos To Your Friends?

Huge Sign Of Dog Obsession

As a pet parent, sharing your pet’s photos with your friends gives you immense joy. To some extent, they appreciate it. However, if you overdo it, they might ignore it and start distancing you. And this shows how pet-obsessed you have become since you share stuff that has already stopped interesting them. 

Do You Spend Hours On Consuming Dog Content?

Is your Instagram feed, Facebook stories, and YouTube watch history full of dog-related content? If so, it means you’re highly obsessed with your pet. The biggest sign that you’ve become dog obsessed is when you get amused by content centered around dog room decor, dog health, dog behavior, and dog training. 

Do You Spend Too Much On Your Pet?

If you’re a frugal person and still spend unnecessarily on your pet, you’ve become pet-obsessed. Don’t be a part of a race where others’ validation plays an important role. It is fine if you spend on necessities. But if you randomly purchase items to experiment with your pet’s appearance, you’re in trouble. Want to buy the best kibble? Go for it. Want to buy a wooden stick? Avoid it since it looks fancy, but it can harm your pet in the long run. Use your money and time properly in order to provide the best for them. 

Final Note

Love your pet unconditionally. But always draw a boundary to prevent long-run issues and obstacles. When you cross your boundaries, you’ll start acting weird, immature, and unacceptable. Since pet-parenting is a life-long journey, you need to look out for these pet-obsessed behaviors that stop you from thinking rationally. In the end, what counts is your healthy and loving relationship with your pet.

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