9 lives cat food review

If you are looking for nutritious food for your pet, this 9 Lives Cat Food review will help you with this matter. Finding the best pet food involves knowledge of the company’s history and the ingredients used in its products, which is not always straightforward. We will assist you with all of these issues in this article so that you can decide whether or not it is healthy.

9Lives has been around for more than seven decades and it is quite popular among pet owners. It is considered one of the best pet food-selling brands in America but is it really healthy for your pet? Should you be trusting it with your cat’s well-being? Keep reading to find out. We will also share the 9 Lives Wet Cat Food review so if your cat loves wet food then don’t go anywhere!

9 Lives Cat Food Review – Company Introduction:

9 lives wet cat food review

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In 1957, 9 Lives came into being and in no time, it was able to make its name among top pet food brands. The marketing strategies used by this company are one of the main reasons that it got popular so fast. Big Heart Pet Brands which is a subsidiary of the J.M. Smucker company is the owner of 9Lives, it also owns Natural Balance, Nature’s Recipe, Meow Mix, etc.

9 Lives manufactures dry pet food in Kansas and Pennsylvania facilities while wet food is manufactured in the United States. According to this company’s claims about its source ingredients, they get them from North America but there is no detailed information available about the sourcing. 

What does 9 Lives have for your Cat?

9 lives wet cat food review

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Moving forward in our 9 Lives Cat Food review, let’s find out about their variety of products. They offer a wide range of cat food categories in both wet and dry food lines. The wet cat food line including Protein Plus, Hearty Cuts, Tender Morsels, and Meaty Pate are different in texture but have almost similar ingredients. 

Their popular dry food varieties include Protein Plus, Plus Care, Daily Essentials, and Indoor Complete and they are also made of almost similar ingredients. Regardless of the type, 9 Lives products use ingredients that are similar to other low-cost cat foods so this thought is quite concerning. Artificial additives are also found in their recipes.

Pros of 9 Lives Cat Food:

  • 9 Lives cat food is tasty enough that pet owners are happy to see their cats quickly finishing the food and wanting more. 
  • This cat food is full of nutrition.
  • It contains mostly meat products.
  • It contains high quantities of Protein and fat.
  • Antioxidants are added.
  • Interesting Kibble shapes.

Cons of 9 Lives Cat Food:

  • This cat food is high in carbs which is not good for the cat’s health.
  • It contains artificial flavors.
  • A harmful preservative BHA is used.
  • In some products, low-quality ingredients are included.

About the ingredients of 9 Lives Cat Food:

9 lives wet cat food review

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This 9 Lives Cat Food review is incomplete without ingredient information. Knowing about the ingredients used helps a lot in making the right decision regarding what should be included in the cat’s diet. While searching and analyzing their recipes and products, we found out that their recipes are primarily based on plant ingredients even though cats require meat-based ingredients.

Their main ingredients are corn, corn gluten meal, soybean meal, and meat. Now, you can clearly see what cats’ diet should include and what they are offering, only one part of meat which is not a good thing. We cannot think that this company does not know about the daily needs of cats, maybe they just keep ignoring this thing.

In their list of ingredients, meat is not mentioned at the top which means it is their 3rd or 4th main ingredient and the first two are plant-based. Even though they say their recipes have high amounts of fat, our analysis says something else. Another ingredient that is used in this cat food and it concerns us is wheat.

The digestive systems of cats cannot digest wheat, corn, and soybeans, especially the ones with stomach problems. Wheat mites are another problem that leads to itchy skin, weight gain, lethargy, and other sensitivities and in some cases, premature deaths happen. 

We mentioned that we’ll give 9 Lives Wet Cat Food review as well, so you should know that we are talking about the ingredients of both wet and dry cat food. Moreover, the colors used including yellow 5, yellow 6, blue 1, blue 2, and others are not what your cat requires.

The ingredients list is very problematic for us and we are unable to convince you to buy this cat food or to say if it is healthy for your cat. So, let’s move on to the customer reviews and see what they think about 9 Lives cat food.

9 Lives Cat food Customer Reviews:

The mixed customer reviews we found on different websites will help you make the right decision about 9 Lives Cat food so keep reading. Some people are complaining that their cats get stomach problems after eating this food, they are suffering from diarrhea and lethargy. When analyzing teh food, they found out that this happened after the change in packaging.

For kittens, people are recommending not to buy this food because they get stomach problems including vomiting. Many customers claim that their kittens were doing well before eating 9 Lives cat food so this is the problem. In some cases, the diarrhea became bloody which really scared the pet owners and after stopping this food, the cats got better.

According to the 9 Lives Cat Food review of many different websites, the ingredients are quite concerning and this is why customers are having problems after feeding it to their cats. We are not shocked to see the complaints related to stomach problems of cats after eating 9 Lives because the ingredients list is not up to the mark.

Some customers also found clumps of mold in the bag but the most common problem is diarrhea. However, some customers are also happy to see that their cats love this food as it is tasty, especially the Meaty Pate with Real Tuna and Shrimp. But we also can’t overlook the fact that negative reviews are more than positive ones.

Is 9 Lives Cat food considered healthy?

After reading the 9 Lives Cat Food review, you should be worrying about this question. You should know that cars require meat and fat more than plant-based products to stay in good health. But the situation here is the opposite as this cat food has more plant ingredients and as you can see from the customer reviews, the cats are having stomach problems.

So if you are thinking of feeding this cat food to your cat then stop because we cannot suggest it based on the information we found online. Additionally, it contains preservatives like BHA which is obviously not good for your cat. 

9 Lives Cat Food Recall History:

9 Lives cat food has been recalled twice, the first time in 2017 when thiamine deficiency was observed in some flavors of Meaty Paté canned food. The products from sister companies including EverPet and Special Kitty were also recalled the same year. 

The second time it was recalled was in 2018 when low levels of thiamine were found in its two varieties of canned cat food again.

Wrapping Up:

We hope you found our 9 Lives Cat Food review helpful and now you can easily make the right decision for your cat related to its health. From company information to customer reviews, we have analyzed this company from every angle and we are not happy to say that this is certainly not the best choice for your cat.

It is also true that this cat food suits some cats and they have no stomach problems. However, if you are not sure then you can go for other options. Read our Diamond maintenance dog food review if you are also a dog owner.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can humans eat 9Lives cat food?

It poses no harm to human health but eating cat food is not a good idea. You should know that they are formulated to provide your pet with complete nutritional value not for humans so you shouldn’t be eating them unless you are in dire need.

What is 9 Lives cat food made of?

It is made of ingredients like Corn Gluten Meal, Soybean Meal, Chicken By-product Meal, Meat and bone Meal, Animal Fat, Salmon Meal, Dehydrated Alfalfa Pellets, Titanium Dioxide (color), Choline Chloride, and others.

What happened to 9 lives cat food?

9 Lives pet food brand was sold to Post Consumer Brands in February 2023 for approximately 1.2 billion dollars along with other brands including Gravy Train, and Kibbles ‘n Bits.

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